Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Price of Right, by Alicia Morgan

Alicia Morgan, of Last Left Before Hooterville has raised a compelling question in her book, The Price of Right. The question seems simple: "Why do people consistently vote against their own best interests?" The answer seems simple as well: FEAR.

But Alicia shows us, chapter after chapter, that this response of fear is much more complex than we realize at surface. She talks about the language of fear. She talks about the personalities of self-described Conservatives and self-described Liberals, equating them with Farmers and Hunters in an archetypical sense. Traditionally, the Farmer had to follow a strict schedule as set by nature. The Hunter had to rely on lightening fast reflexes, instinct and the ability to change. These personalities are quite different; the Farmer will respond to an Authoritative figure while the Hunter will not.

Alicia has done her research, and she has written a compelling tale of how the Liberals have lost their "hunting" muscles - how we liberals have gotten lazy with mind-numbing comfort in an essentially "farming" community. How we liberals must begin the hunt for Truth and Change in earnest. But what I like most about Alicia's book is this: she's one of us. She's a musician, a mother, a wife, a blogger. She's struggling to make ends meet. She's not loaded with degrees and credentials and fancy language. She's one of us, and she's channelled her impatience into answering the question. She does it in language that is compelling in its accessibility. Follow the link. Get the book. Read it, and give it to an "undecided" friend. Give it to a Republican who is becoming afraid of his or her own party. Give it to a Hockey Mom who is appalled by Sarah Palin. Give it to a Democrat who puts their dislike of Obama ahead of the outcome of the election. Give it to anyone who can think.

Alicia has spoken for many of us, and I am proud to call her my friend.


Joe said...

Sounds like a good read, thanks.

I've been giving a lot of thought to personality issues relating to Bush conservatism vs. "liberals", ie, anyone who's not a Bush conservative. I was listening to some conservatives discussing the debate, happy that McCain "hit a home run" as one of them said. They loved the way he refused to acknowledge Obama by not looking at him, and how "when Obama started his bullshit McCain cut him off and set him straight."

In other words, they loved precisely the behaviors that many commentators have mentioned as offending neutral viewers.

It seems that many of these self-described "conservatives" have actually fallen in love with the language and posture of the bully.

Randal Graves said...

Typical lefty cronyism. Huckstering for their pals. You don't see that with the fine authors at Regnery do you? Hell no.

Sorry, temporarily possessed by the ghost of Strom Thurmond.

I'd take offense to the lazy remark, but I'm, well, lazy.

I'd love to give this and other books to the wingnuts I know, but they'd refuse to read them. Bastards.

Anonymous said...

I love Alicia's writing. I've got to get that book. And I'm going to loan it out after I'm done with it!

Utah Savage said...

I didn't know about Alice. I will follow the link you provided and roll her.

Dcup, see what I mean about publishing your pieces. Alice could be you. Or rather, You could be Alice.

Fran said...

Must get that book!!

Fran said...

Thanks for the heads up.Sounds like a good book.

And of your closing line...

Give it to a Democrat who puts their dislike of Obama ahead of the outcome of the election. Give it to anyone who can think.

I really have to question anyone who could call themselves a democrat and consider either not voting, or in any way allowing McCain to win.
I do question if it is repressed prejudice.
Are some of these folks just not ready for a Black person to the president?

Whatever Obama may have done to their dislike, is the McCain Palin list of atrocities not longer & more disastrous?

I had a great Social Studies teacher who said more often then not, you will find yourself having to choose the candidate you think will do less harm.

Truer words have never been spoken!

It is what it is, it's down to McCain & Obama.
How is that even a choice?

Clearly, McCain is a madman & Palin should be nowhere near the presidency.

Wake up America!!!!

Wake the hell up!!!!!

End of rant

Billie Greenwood said...

Rant on, Fran!

Diva, thanks for the intro to your friend Alicia. I'll check into her blog. You have great friends.

Liquid said...


Dean Wormer said...

I know that you and Alicia are talking figuratively about our "hunting muscles" but I don't think it would be a bad idea to get in better shape and reconsider our feelings about firearms. Alarmist it may be but a good portion of those on the other side aren't good intentioned, IMO. They're certifiable.

Utah Savage said...

Dean, I agree that as we hunker down, we might need to defend our bunkers.

And to Fran's comment I say, WELL SAID! Brava! Pip pip! Hooray. We must vote Democratic! WE MUST VOTE!

Randal Graves said...

If we have to have guns, I want a shotgun. Always wanted to go Resident Evil and blow a real live zombie head off. Hey, boss, your team is winning!

susan said...

Ah yes, the Umbrella Corporation.. I'll carry your ammo, Randal.

Alicia Morgan said...

Diva, I love you with all my heart. Thanks so much for posting this. And I am putting up a great big mea culpa at Hooterville to apologize for the heinous omission of Journeys from my blogroll (until you brought it to my attention!)

My only defense is assuming that, since you are one of my very favorite bloggers, that of course I remembered to blogroll you! I hope you will forgive me.

DivaJood said...

Yeah, Alicia, as long as you buy the lunch...

Anne said...

i've been an alicia fan since i first heard about her, which was when she posted about singing on neil young's 'living with war' she is inspirational, to put it mildly!