Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday Grandbaby Blogging

Hi Everybody. Gramma hasn't had a lot of new pictures but she is taking lots now while she visits me for my birthday. I'm two. I'm not a baby at all. I like butterfly kisses and eskimo kisses and blueberry pancakes and Doggie. I love Elmo and mommy and daddy and gramma. I miss you, but now there are lots of new pictures. It is going to rain today. We have to go for a walk now. Bye-bye.


Pekka, I have to promise you that I am a pro at using the word no. Also, I can pitch a really loud tantrum, the kind where my back arches and I look like I am posessed. Also, I hear what I want to hear and ignore the rest. And sometimes, when I am doing these things, my mommy and daddy just have to bite their tongues because they know that laughing is probably not such a good idea.


Pursey Tuttweiler said...

Have fun on that walk. I sure wish I had some blueberry pancakes.

Peacechick Mary said...

I just realized, I'm about 2 as well because I like all those things too. I've come full circle.

Comandante Agí said...

Make sure she doesn't get her hands on a Tickle Me Emo!

sumo said...

Pink was meant for her. You know you are making us fall in love don't you?

pekka said...

Beanie, it is with some concern I have followed your life, and I must remind you about the duty as a two years old, to start immediatelly answering to any and all questions or suggestions with the word "no". Actually, you need to always say just NO!!! Sometimes NO!, NO!, NOOH! is the most beneficial when used in conjuction with the temper tantrum that your paren't are so spooked in having in the publick places.

This is the way you will get the mommy and granny nodding their heads in a mutual agreement that you are just doing what the experts think you should be doing. It, the no word, will be allowed for you for no more than perhaps another year, and I will let you know later what handy words there are waiting for you when No stops being not quite so good as it jused to be.

Beanie, when you really learn the "no" word well, you will one day become the president and you can use the no word when ever you please.