Friday, March 30, 2007

Friday Grandbaby Blogging

This is me on my second birthday, in my party dress. It is also the dress I will wear to testify before the Senate if they need me to talk about what a naughty man Alberto Gonzales is. He's a liar, and my Baba says that lying is a bad thing. Baba also gives me butterfly kisses when she visits, and I miss her.

But Alberto is so bad that even his ex-Chief of Staff is telling on him. D. Kyle Sampson told the Senate "Mr. Gonzales’s statements about the prosecutors’ dismissals were inaccurate and that the attorney general had been repeatedly advised of the planning for them." That's a long way of saying "Liar Liar, pants on fire."

Sometimes I'm naughty. Like if I want to do something I'm not supposed to do, I will walk backwards out of my room, and stare at my Mommy in the eyes, so she doesn't see me walking backwards. But I think my Mommy has super powers because she always catches me, unless she's laughing too hard. My Baba doesn't have super powers, because when I try this with her, she just laughs and grabs her camera. The Senate seems to have grabbed their cameras too, and I think that Alberto Gonzales is a lot more naughty than I ever am.

I bet he even told the President, who is a really big fat liar, and he can't even hold a book in the right direction. I can hold a book the right way. I saw a picture of him reading a book about a goat, and it was upside down. My uncle asked me to show him my favorite book so I got "Good Night Moon" and opened it to the page about the yellow balloon, and got one of my birthday balloons, and turned the book in the right direction so he could see, and gave him my book and the balloon. The President can't do that. Those bad men are going to get in lots of trouble now.

Bye bye.


Peacechick Mary said...

Birthday girl is smart, smart, smart. We need her to teach Alberto that backward walk out of the room and then your daughter can cuff 'em Dano! You, of course, will grab the camera.

Pursey Tuttweiler said...


I have some advice for you that I learned from one of my childhood cats, Norman. If Norman wanted to sneak a piece of bacon from the breakfast table he would climb up into a chair, scope out the situation and then close his eyes. He thought if he could not see us, then we could not see him. Then he would reach his orange furry paw up, eyes shut tightly, and nab the bacon. We would all laugh so hard that he consistently got away with this activity. So, if the walking backwards trick with the eyes open gets discovered, try the eyes tight shut ploy. It can work for a few years at least, I SWEAR!!

Alicia Morgan said...

OMG,Diva - she's a little tiny you! How cute is she? She was born smarter than Dubya.

sumo said...

She's going to grow up and put these guys in jail where they belong.

annie said...

what a lovely, intelligent person she is. such insight!