Friday, January 04, 2008

Friday Grandbaby Blogging

Okay so but I like to paint and it is more fun than watching the Iowa Caucus which is really starting to scare me because if someone who doesn't believe in science might be President then maybe they will make me have to be a Christian and I don't want to be a Christian I want to paint and eat cookies. Its a funny name, Huckabee. Didn't they make a movie called I Heart Huckabee? and it wasn't really very good, my Gamma didn't like it much, but she did like No Country for Old Men but I didn't see that movie because I'm only almost three. I like Finding Nemo. Okay, I have to go play now. Bye bye.


Dusty said...

Damn she's a cutie! Do you get to see her often?

betmo said...

i have a feeling ellie bean would have made better choices than the iowans. hopefully the new hampshire folks have more sense.

Spadoman said...

I'm seeing my Grandkids on Sunday. They moved away last November and I miss them so much.

When I lived in Minnesota, we called the people from Iowa Iowegians. With so many jokes about them and their relationship to swine, how can we take them seriously?

Peace to All.

DivaJood said...

Dusty, I see her about four times a year, each for extended periods. She's hilarious. She likes to imitate my "stern gramma" look and then laugh.

Betmo, I think you are absolutely right. She's quite the little independent.

Spado, I know the feeling. It's hard to be away from my grandbaby. But it's warm in LA, and effing freezing in Chicago.

robin andrea said...

It's always good to read ellie bean's take on things. She's very precocious.