Thursday, January 31, 2008

Obama '08

Kuchinich dropped out, but he had a snowball's chance in hell. Edwards dropped out, but he was always going to finish a strong 3rd. Gore won't run unless Clinton really badly stubs her toe. So it's down to Clinton and Obama.

This is not a stunning endorsement at all. I haven't the enthusiasm some of my friends have for Barak Obama, but I do like him better than Mrs. Clinton. I do know he believes in building coalitions, and bringing people together in the best sense. But reality leaves me jaded. We have devolved into a one-party system and we have, as a nation, become as insulated and xenophobic as we were in the 1950s. We are a nation that prefers to watch trash, that searches for palliatives and sound bites. We don't investigate issues, and we let others shoulder responsibility. I'm not immune, I'm not above this, I am not sitting in my Ivory Tower pointing fingers - I am as addicted to junk as the next person, I admit it.

But I really want a Democrat as President, because I do think of the Supreme Court. At issue are health care; the environment; Roe v. Wade. We need to recreate discourse in America, we need to raise the bar on conversation rather than belittle intelligence.

So, there it is. I'm voting Obama on Super Tuesday.


betmo said...

ah- must be that time again- picking the lesser of two evils. i would have thought folks would be good and tired of this- but there was nary a peep when folks started being excluded from debates and whatnot. the same folks raised the alarm and most folks did not care. so- here we are. obama it is.

Tina said...

Diva, I'm right with ya on this.
This is me in a political nutshell right now:
Die-hard Kucinich girl... with a big fondness for Edwards' populist message... now left supporting Obama over Clinton... but will vote for ANY Democrat over ANY Republican in the General Election because I'd sooner smear honey on my eyelids and allow a grizzly bear to chew them off than endure 4 more years (...and probably 4 more wars, and 4 more shreddings of the Constitution, and 4 gazillion more lootings of our nation's economy...) of another incessantly lying, morally bankrupt and criminally insane Republican presidency.

robin andrea said...

I'd take a Obama/Clinton ticket or a Clinton/Obama ticket. I'd like to see John Edwards as Attorney General. I'm glad that I'm not voting in the California primary because it would be hard for me to choose.

I'm glad to see you posting again. I've missed you.

Moe Berg said...

Jood, even if you're not enthusiastic about Obama, it's good to hear you're voting for him in your primary. Except for the appointment of judges, Clinton would be only marginally better than any Republican nominee. She has no political spine, and I'm afraid she'll essentially embrace Republican positions to try to blunt criticism from the Right while she uses her first term to campaign for re-election. Of course, it won't work. She won't appease the Right and she'll only piss off the Left. Right now, we need somebody like Obama who has the potential to go in and break some china. The most Clinton will do is change the tablecloth.

Moe Berg said...

I'm with Robin Andrea about John Edwards as Attorney General. And while we're at it, Chris Dodd for Senate Majority Leader (they need someone with some passion instead of a guy who comes off like the docent at a teacup museum), and Bill Richardson for Secretary of State or some kind of roving global super amabassador.

DivaJood said...

Betmo, yes, it's exhausting, really, to be handed the same old same old.

Tina, the Grizzly Meal image is, well, grizzly. But yes, I understand completely.

Robin Andrea, Super Tuesday will be interesting. And yes, John Edwards would be a great AG. Last night, Olbermann said "It looks like the Democratic Ticket" about the debate.

Moe Berg, you not only are a baseball catcher and a spy, you are the guy who should pick the Cabinet. Bill Richardson for Secretary of State, I agree completely. But I stand by my email to you where I say that Joe Biden should be Secretary of Shoes.

Moe Berg said...

I'd be all for Biden as Sec. of Shoes if he weren't needed in the Senate. I like having him ask the tough questions in the committees (I saw him grilling Rummy on Blackwater about three years ago before anyone was paying attention and Biden had him spinning around in circles snarling and frothing like a dog who sat in a puddle of turpentine, and the Democrats will still probably need every vote they can get in order to accomplish anything.

Comandante Agí said...

I still haven't decided. I might choose a Green, but I'm considering voting for Obama next Tuesday as a protest vote against Hillary. I'm ABC (Anybody but Clinton) all the way. In November I'll vote third party (like it even matters here in Cali anyway...)

And yes, John Edwards would make a fantastic Attorney General. He could be the new Robert Kennedy.

Anonymous said...

Man's not qualified to be president. Not yet.

libhom said...

kvatch: Actually, Obama has more experience in elected office than Hillary Clinton does. It's important not to get suckered by the Clinton campaign's bs.

I remember how the Clinton's have lied about the Military Ban, NAFTA, the WTO, racist/misogynist "welfare reform," Affirmative Action and so many other issues.

I remember what a terrible, Republican president Bill Clinton was, and Hillary Clinton is running on his record. It's really frightening.

Anon-Paranoid said...

Hi divejood...
Been a long time since I stopped by and like you I am voting for Obama in the General if he's the nominee.

If its Clinton then I'm not sure what I will do as I don't see her making the changes necessary that we need to restore our honor and integrity at home and around the world.

I may just let the evil Nazi's rule as I no longer want to vote for the lesser of two evils. And if that means voting for McCain I just might do that.

If the American People want more of the same old same old and put Hillary up as the Democratic Candidate then I say let them eat crow.

Good to see you back. Take care and...

God Bless.