Friday, February 01, 2008

Friday Grandbaby Blogging

My unka Aman is making me laugh. He's funny. My gamma isn't happy about poltiks because she says there aren't really any choices. I like my pretty bow in my hair and I like to paint and play piano. If you vote for a Democrat even though that Democrat is part of the Corporatrocy, at least they won't mess up the Supreme Court too bad like that Mr. Huckleberry or Mr. Strangelove McCain.

It's cold and snowy out so I am going to go paint now. Bye bye.


robin andrea said...

I'm not really happy with the choices either. I was a strong Edwards fan. Still, I'll gladly vote for either Obama or Clinton in November. A Republican win would depress me to no end.

DivaJood said...

Robin, another Republican win would send me to Canada. But still, Australia finally dumped John Howard for a good guy, so there is hope.

mr. gorgeous said...

Hi Diva!

I think Obama has his place in the history books.

As a Californian I know that many folks will vote fot the person they think will win.

Nobody wants to be wrong and "waste their vote".

You're a beautriful diva, Diva Jood. You just remember that my sweetheart.

Dusty said...

Good news..Dennis Hasterts seat was won by a Democrat tonight! After 20 years that part of IL will be represented by a Dem.

This has huge implications mainly because this has been a Rethug stronghold for it means the voters are THAT pissed with Rethug rule.

How ya doin chica? ;)