Monday, November 17, 2008

Just Like Marie Antoinette

My dear Utah Savage is passing around the love once again. This image of Marie Antoinette is intended to go to bloggers who have something to say, who tell the truth. And yet, she chose to include me. Hey, I ran for Diva President and lost. Utah was to be Big Chief Supreme, but now we have to look at another administration. Oh, well. Sometimes, the only solution is to laugh. When it hurts too much to cry, all that's left is laughter. That's where I am these days.

At any rate, we are to pass this on to others who tell the truth. So I'm gonna do that as well.

1. The wonderful Border Explorer is a real blogger. I adore her. She gets it.

2. FranIAm is a real blogger. I adore her too. She gets it.

3. Dianne, Forks Off The Moment is another real blogger. I adore her. SHE gets it too!

4. The Pagan Sphinx really gets it. I adore her. She's a real blogger.

5. Pursey Tuttweiler because SHE gets it. I adore her. She's another real blogger.

Today is Gordon Lightfoot's 70th Birthday. Yikes. And


Dianne said...

that is a beautiful award!! I love that you feel I 'get it' cause I often think I'm spitting in the wind yet I have this crazy need to keep trying.

I adore you too and in my mind you ARE President. Actually - could you be Secretary of State? I'm not so thrilled with the current choice.

thank you!

and Brava to my fellow recipients

Unknown said...

Oh, I love the artsy-looking award! What fun it will be to pass it on! Thank you, dear Diva Jood. You may have lost the election but never our affection for you, luv!

And I agree with you about The Forks lady - she's pretty awesome, isn't she??? :-)

Fran said...

You are too kind to me. I get it? Please let me know what it is, I feel lost!!

You are such a treasure Diva Jood. Thank you for your generous heart and outlook.

jmsjoin said...

You all deserve it! You are truth seekers and express yourself well. Congratulations one and all!

Utah Savage said...

Are you eating cake, honey? Or are you knitting outside the wine shop?

Nice job. As for our political aspirations, maybe next time.

Unknown said...

What a stellar list of bloggy goodness you have listed Dear Diva!

Sweet Jaysus, Lightfoot is 70?? Do you have ANY idea how freaking old that makes ME feel?????


Agi said...

I hope you ate cake today.

Billie Greenwood said...

Marie is beautiful! I can't believe she is mine to post! O happy day! Thank you. Thank you!

Now she'll have to supervise all the railing I do against people of her ilk. Ha ha, Marie. Observe life on the edge of society for awhile. You might like it!

Diva, I can never repay you. I adore you. Sending a big hug and a bloggy kiss! XOXO

Randal Graves said...

Watch out for sharp, falling objects.

Anonymous said...

I love our new award and look forward to visiting the blogs of all the recipients soon. Right now I am nursing one helluva cold and thinking of calling Brownie for advise because he does one heckuva job during a crisis. I will let you know what he has to say about flooding nostrils.

Thank you so much for thinking of me. I will share my cake with you anytime!

Utah Savage said...

Oh that Randal. I must admit that the first thing that came into my warped mind when I got this lovely award from Ms Liquid Illusion, was Madame Defarge and the guillotine. It made me look around for my knitting needles. Now I need some yarn and a wine shop close to the chopping block.