Sunday, April 30, 2006

Peace takes courage

Ava Lowrey is a 15 year old artist and peace activist. She put an animation on the web, WWJD, which made her the target of some extraordinary hate mail. It is a powerful animation, which you can see here:

She has a new animation,
which answers the hate mail -- this comes with a warning: adult language and poor spelling ahead, because she quotes from those attacks. This young woman is a true patriot. Check it out.


Sue Woo said...

Goodness! What spewage! Makes one feel smart and superior I say.

Have you seen the documentary "Paper Clips"?

Alicia said...

It made me cry. That is so powerful. Thanks for posting that, Jood. 15 years old - amazing. Thank God there are some younger people who aren't drinking the Kool-Aid.

DivaJood said...

Sue, I've not seen "Paper Clips" -- where is it?

Alicia, I had the same response. Ava has the eyes of a true artist, the heart of a lion. Just amazes me.

Sue Woo said...

Paper Clips is an HBO documentary. Please find it. I cried like a BABY-the good kind of cry as I watched it. Kids can be so awesome. Yall have a good week!

Helen Wheels said...

DAMN she's gooood. Very impactful.

I absolutely cracked up at the dueling banjos choice of background music for the second one.