Monday, May 01, 2006

Balcony gardening

Planted tomatoes and lettuce in containers on my balcony. I mean, I put seeds, not seedlings, into my containers. I've always started with seedlings before, I really hope this works. Also put mini-roses and this gorgeous Spanish Lavender plant out there. It felt so productive to put my hands in dirt, even if it is a balcony garden.

Spoke to Ellie bean -- rather, she babbled in her lovely little strange baby language, then tried to eat the phone. I miss her. She has the sweetest voice. Wish they would move to Los Angeles.


karena said...

I like the old dirt under the fingernails business too. I put out two Bougenvelia yesterday. A purple one with green leaves and a variagated one with pinky/orangy flowers. I have a Carolina Jasmine vine blooming and some potted passion flowers blooming. The back yard of my house is what I call my hippie garden. Whatever I decide to plop out there is the design. Budha sits under a tree, I have whirly birds, vines, overgrown grass, pony tail plants, you name it. I keep the front pretty stately and demure, but the back is where the yard art ends up. To have that funky place without any kind of structure is pleasing to the soul.

DivaJood said...

Oh, yes, that sounds like my kind of garden. A little wild place with lots of color. Sounds great.