Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day

My son-in-law never knew his father. His father was MIA in Viet Nam, never found, eventually pronounced dead. His father's name is on the Viet Nam Wall in Washington DC. Before my daughter and son-in-law ever met, I visited the wall, and actually saw this man's name, and it struck me at the time, one more young man. The wall is a powerful statement to those of us who lived through that long national nightmare: a simple pair of long granite slabs with the names of our fallen soldiers etched into it, like a giant grave marker. We go to pay our respects to the dead, to the young men robbed of their lives because of an insane, illegal war.

There is only one way to honor the dead, and the LIVING veterans of Viet Nam, and that is to get our soldiers out of Iraq, to end this nightmare. Pay a visit to the Kommandos and post a memorial day action.


robin andrea said...

Thank you for remembering and posting about Memorial Day. I will head over to that site and try to find something to say.

DivaJood said...

Robin Andrea, what I love about the Kommandos is that there is whimsy and intimacy in the use of toy soldiers. It invites the public to approach the soldiers, and the tags invite the public to think.