Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Yoga Korunta: Tuesday's Word: betray

Yoga Korunta: Tuesday's Word: betray

The grand tragedy is that Bush was never elected. He staged a bloodless coup in 2000.


karena said...

Yoga, I love your word "Murkans." I say Amurkans, you say Murkans. Hah, aren't we clever.

Thanks for posting this Diva. Yoga's word of the day is quite fitting.

DivaJood said...

Hi Karena -- yep, Yoga hit the nail on the head with his word for today.

Dr. Charles said...

true that, true that.

glad to have you in the tomato contest! i'll check in on the first sunday of june for sure,
keep in touch

DivaJood said...

Hi Dr. Charles -- I'm stoked about the tomatoes -- gives a girl something to look forward to.

Helen Wheels said...

HE SURE DID. It still angers me no end. Let's hope for another bloodless coup - the one removing him & his cabal from power.