Friday, May 12, 2006

Mother's day gift from my daughter

My daughter & son-in-law, and the gorgeous genius grandbaby Miss Ellie Bean, live in Chicago. It's good news/bad news -- bad news is distance, good news is weather (yes, I'm serious. California winters are not Chicago winters.) Anyway, she sent the funniest, silliest little gift to me for Mothers Day: pyjamas! The pattern is Queen Mother -- but the really funny part is that enclosed was a "do not disturb" sign -- and I live alone.

When I get home during the week, I love to get out of my work clothes, put on my jammies, and chill out. I mean, it's just one of my favorite ways to unwind. Is that strange? Whatever. I love this little gift, it's just so enjoyable.

Last year, she sent me a gift card for a day spa in Los Angeles -- which was incredible, but once it's over, it's over. These jammies will let me connect with her all the time.

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