Saturday, May 06, 2006


My mini roses are doing just fine, which is to say they are lovely. The yellow rose bush has new buds opening. The red one just looks great. My Spanish Lavender is amazing in its pot, I'm actually glad I don't have a full yard because it is so hardy that it tends to take over. My lettuces have all popped up, little seedlings, and I will have a lot of tasty salads.

It's the tomatoes, though, that have not shown their bloom. I know I did them hastily, and the truth is I probably should have done seedlings instead of seeds. There is nothing like a tomato picked fresh off the vine; second choice is tomatoes from the farmers market. I can't tolerate supermarket tomatoes at all. So I will wait a little longer, but I think I'm going to have to purchase seedlings from the garden store and start over.

The week was great after firing the crazy clients. All of a sudden, I'm getting an absolute slew of calls from honeymooners. I've always been busy, I'm a top producer at our agency, but getting rid of the crazies has suddenly put me into a higher phase. Julia Cameron talks about the Crazy Makers in The Artist's Way -- she says they rob us of energy and time. Once I got rid of them, I had that energy again.

Farmer's Market, laundry, some house cleaning, baking today before dinner with friends. Sunday, I'm at work because we have a cruise ad, and I'm one of the luxury cruise experts. We're open 7 days a week, weekends are voluntary, but it's good business. Yesterday was 3 years with this company, and I'm happy there. It's a good fit for me. Owner of the agency is decent, kind, and fair, and a keeps us healthy. I have good friends in the company. We're an oddity in that many small businesses that are owner/operated tend to be Republican; we're so NOT Republican it borders on hilarious. I love where I work. This makes me very lucky indeed.

So, off to start the day.

11:00 AM
Marcy Winograd table at Farmers Market. I got my bumper sticker, it's now on my car. Got there in time to get Gaviota Strawberries, my favorite. And I caved, bought Brandywine Tomato seedlings, and basil seedlings, will replant my non-growing seeded tomatoes now.

Foggy morning, June gloom. I suspect a hot hot summer (thank you, Mr. President, for adding to global warming. Putz.)


Sue Woo said...

Jood! You should send them ole nasty Hollywood people to me, the PSYCHOtherapist. My roses are stunning this time of year. I grow the Old Tea Roses. They are yum.
Sounds like you have a great source for 'maters. 'Maters rule 'round here!

DivaJood said...

Sue, you want the screenwriter & his (3rd) wife, you can have 'em. Mebbe scare some sense into the pair of 'em. As for the garden, everything is in large 15 gallon pots, on my balcony, and I just hope the tomatoes do well. Put basil in with them, makes a nice flavor.