Monday, May 08, 2006


I had to work Sunday because we had an ad with one of the cruise lines -- and I'm one of the cruise specialists. It's good news/bad news but it eats into the weekend and it makes for a long week. Even though its a short day, it just keeps me inside, at the phone, at the desk. It was productive in terms of work -- some decent bookings, some nice clients -- one guy started to complain about the high price of gasoline in his area, and blaming the Republicans -- but while at work, I can't get into it.

When I closed up, I went to Whole Foods, picked up some things, drove the 30 miles home, and just turned into a vegetable.

C-Span is running streaming video of Colbert's roast on its website, and will be selling a DVD for $25-ish. And on Friday, Google Video will have Colbert's roast on streaming video.

All over the map right now. Have to get ready for work, the new week, and next week, I will settle in on what digital SLR to purchase.


Suzanne said...

Just wanted to send a word to say I absolutely loved what you wrote/posted in The New Dharma Bums this morning. I particularly appreciated "The question is what's going on inside our heads? What is our secret impression of ourselves? It's the secret impression that lets us present our better or our worst self to the world." And when you refered to "tools to get back to a place of serenity". Wow. Thanks a lot. And now I have a new blog to explore.

DivaJood said...

Suzanne, thanks. Don't you love New Dharma Bums blog? Some of the most amazing photos.