Monday, May 22, 2006

more on the fired clients

They feel like a bad penny that just won't go away. ANOTHER call from the accounting firm, seems they insist they've got tickets for reissue. They told the accounting assistant that they could re-use several tickets that they already used; others that I refunded; this is the fourth time this woman and I have had the same conversation.

It annoys me, I'm glad I'm done with them, but this is starting to make me physically ill again. Constant barrages of the same question over and over; answered, and documented. These people accused me of putting them in a hotel they hated BEFORE THEY WERE MY CLIENTS. They're fundamentally dishonest, and what I observe with dishonest people is that they keep accusing other people of ripping them off, or of somehow doing the very wrong doing they do themselves.

Sounds like the Decider and his crew.


Helen Wheels said...

It sure does. How come they get to still bug you? Ain't they FIRED?

Good lord. That's the kind of stuff that gets my blood all a-boil.

DivaJood said...

They're so fired, but that's why he's being a prick and a half. His accountant person has been very apologetic. She wishes she could fire him too.