Monday, May 01, 2006

H Res 635

I just sent a letter to Congresswoman Jane Harman urging her to support HR 635, calling for an investigation into Grounds for Impeachment. Last time I made this kind of request was after Watergate. I hope everyone sends a letter to their Congressman or Congresswoman.


Patrick Meighan said...

I'm afraid that Jane Harman (who once referred to herself as "the best Republican in the Democratic Party") will never support the impeachment of this president.

However, Ms. Harman is being challenged in the Democratic primary by Marcy Winograd, who has pledged to vote to impeach George W. Bush. Also, unlike Harman, Marcy Winograd will vote to remove our troops from Iraq, take the money that we're currently blowing in Iraq and spend it here in the U.S. on things like education and health care.

To learn more about Marcy Winograd, check out her website:


Patrick Meighan
Venice, CA

DivaJood said...

Patrick, thanks listing the Marcy Winograd site -- I sent the letter to Jane Harman because she's currently in Congress and she needs to know how her constituants feel. I realize she'll get a clearer idea when she's defeated in the Primary by Ms. Winograd, but I'm talking about today.