Saturday, May 20, 2006

Brolga Dreaming

This is the camping trip I went on with Bill Harney. I'm on the far right, hat on for protection from intense sun, marked with sacred ochre on my arm because we are at Moon Lady Dreaming, a womans business site.

So many Dreamtime stories, but Suzanne from Au fil du temps-As time goes by sent me a link to
  • Brolga Dreaming
  • and here's information about
  • the Brolga today

  • I only wish you could hear Bill Harney tell this story. He's a short, compact man, about 73 years old, and he has a funny little voice. He speaks several languages (5 different Aboriginal languages, Italian, English, and I believe some German and French), he's an author, he's an award winning artist, but mostly he's Yidumduma Bill Harney (or Bi'larney) and I adore him.

    He talks about the Dreamtime, and Still. Dreamtime is when the earth was fluid, and Still is when everything stopped and became solid. Now is still.

    He says that the Dreamtime is not when we lay our heads down to go to sleep -- that's dreamtime. The Dreamtime is an active wide awake time when everything was liquid, fluid. Everything, everyone, was in human form and they sang the world into existance.

    At one time, there were over 1000 Aboriginal language groups in Australia -- now, less than 300 survive. Bill says that the Aboriginies are the keepers of the land, and when they are gone, the earth will die. He points to global warming, he points to the Tsunami, or Katrina, and says that Rainbow (rainbow serpent) is getting mad.

    Rainbow Serpent is the creative life force, and his dreaming is all water courses -- oceans, rivers, lakes, streams, and he gave birth to people, animals, birds, fish, reptiles, all living things. He has a terrible temper, and must not be disturbed. When Rainbow gets mad (when we harm our host, our land) he retaliates by great slapping of his tail.

    Raping wetlands by overbuilding; poisoning the air with dangerous chemical emmissions; needless wars; destroying natural resources -- all this makes Rainbow angry.


    robin andrea said...

    When I lived in California and experienced two significant earthquakes (the 6.0 sylmar quake of 1971 and the 7.1 loma prieta quake of 1989), I had the distinct feeling that the earth was trying to shake us off of her back. I didn't mind at all. After all the damage we have done, it's the least she can do to repay us in kind.

    Great story of the Dreamtime. I love hearing the aboriginal stories. Have you ever read Ishmael by Daniel Quinn?

    DivaJood said...

    Hi Robin Andrea -- I've not read Ishmael. You are the second person in two days to mention this book to me, so I think I must get it.

    Your sense of the earth's reaction to us is in keeping with what Aboriginal Australians would say. I'm quite sure that every oil well that's drilled is painful to earth.

    Helen Wheels said...

    Interesting post, although I wish I could see you better!


    DivaJood said...

    Helen, I like that it's a tiny photo. Hadn't seen a bath in several days, other than the creek, and Bill's truck had carried three dead bulls not two days before.