Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The War for The Presidency

Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early


Coffee Messiah said...

Sadly, just may prove to be true! ; (

BTW, nice hearing about your trips also!

NT opens after 2PM. Intelligentsia is S about a half block.


Coffee Messiah said...

Sorry, I lost your email:

Friday, 18 April, 7:30 P.M.
LilFest House Concert (plus potluck supper)
Reilly & Maloney: A Tribute to Tom Dundee
LilFest House Concert
711 Lake Avenue
Wilmette, IL
Reservations: nancy@lilfest.com
Or: 312.371.2284

Sunday, 20 April, 7:00 P.M. Sunday Folk Concert
An Evening with Reilly & Maloney
Bill's Blues Bar
1029 Davis Street
Evanston, IL
Bill's Blues

Dusty said...

I love the Onion Videos...they are funny but sadly true many times.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"Shrillary will give up when she's supposed to, which is on election day, and she'll act surprised!"

There's more than one reason onions make me cry.:)