Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I'm still new to blogging

It's a new form of keeping a journal. I'm very new to this. Been reading a bunch of blogs, and I started this one ages ago but couldn't figure out how to get back to it. But here I am.

two blogs I like:

http://lastleftb4hooterville.blogspot.com/ politics, music, more

http://faroutadventures.blogspot.com/ my favorite guide in Australia

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Alicia Morgan said...

Hi, Jood! Welcome to Blog World! It's really a lot of fun. You remind me of me when I first started blogging - I'd post one, then another month or two would go by. For me, I hadn't written much before, so I had a hard time coming up with things to say...Ha! Not any more!

A few of my favorite blog friends:
Helen Wheels
Blue Gal
Cookie Christine
Old White Lady
Yoga Korunta
The Fat Lady Sings
Stop by any of these folks and tell them I sent you - you'll receive a warm welcome, I guarantee. There are a lot of blogs on my blogroll that are an enjoyable visit.

Also, check out the bigger ones like My Left Wing, Shakespeare's Sister, Daily Kos, the Smirking Chip, Huffington Post and so on...