Saturday, April 29, 2006

more techno-challenged stuff

Argh. I can't figure out how to post two logos on my sidebar. Big Brass Alliance and After Downing Street. It's simple, but every time I do it, the image doesn't display properly. I need Geek Squad, I think.

My daughter and granddaughter just called me. My daughter is great, and she put the baby on the phone, who chatters away in some language all her own. Sweet voice, I miss her to pieces. She has so much to say, none of it English, and she thinks everyone around her is sort of thick because they don't speak her language. It's adorable.

Off to work for an hour to do a honeymoon -- then tonight, a friend is singing in a huge Vivaldi spring ensemble.

Saw "Paradise Now" on DVD last night. Two young Palestinians living in the West Bank, recruited to be suicide bombers. The choice for one is clear -- for the other young man, not so much. But it was stunning, because ultimately the one who was so certain that there was no choice realizes that acts of terrorism are not the solution -- that the only solution for Israelis and Palestinians must come at the negotiating table, without killings. It was a powerful film, gorgeous.

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