Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Imagining the Iowa Caucus

Reading about the escalating violence in Kenya, I can't help but envision this kind of tribal fighting wending its way toward our shores. What stops us from killing each other when our chosen candidates don't win? What stops us from burning down buildings, or upending automobiles?

Yesterday, as an alternative to football, some of us went to a movie. In the pre-movie onscreen noise, there was an infomercial for TruTV: "it's not reality, it's actuality." Huh?

I wonder, at the end of the day, what possible difference it's going to make who wins the Iowa Caucus. What difference does it make? I'm still going to face gasoline prices that are inching toward $4 per gallon. I'm still going to have drug copayments of $50 a refill. I'm still going to get up and go to work every day.

No answers, just more and more questions.


Frederick said...

It matters to me. If Clinton places 2nd or 3rd her campaign may, may, be sunk. I got bad vibes from her when I met her in person. I don't like the policies she's pursued locally and Nationally as my Senator, and I don't like the coronation like feel--the entitlement--that hovers over her campaign. Most of all I think she's unelectable.

Which brings me to the point. You think your problems are bad now...imagine another Republican in office picking the next 2 to 3 Supreme Court judges. That's why the Iowa caucuses are absolutely riveting to me.

Tina said...

Happy and healthy New Year to you and your's Diva!! Oh, how I miss ya so!

I watched the report about the Kenyan violence, and all I could hope was that this tribal violence will not lead to another Rwanda horror.

I don't know if this helps answer your question about the world's elections and turmoils and our shameful war in Iraq, but the bumper sticker that says THIS may help shed some light on it per America's situation:
If everyone demanded peace instead of a bigger television, there would be peace.

I know.... so sad.... but sadly, so true.

Cleveland's own Kucinich is my fav candidate, but he stands 2 hoops in hell of a chance. Dennis K. has said if he doesn't fare well in the Caucus, then we who support him should toss our support behind Obama. I'm perfectly okay with that, but I do like plenty of what John Edwards says, too. Hillary.... not so much. As a woman, I'd be very proud if a woman could be elected president. I just wish she wasn't the woman candidate.

Now... onto happy things:
I love that Beanie is enjoying the cold snowy weather (BabyGirl l-o-v-e-s to play in the snow) and that Beanie is a fan of the great Lil Critter books (the November posted picture of her reading in school). BabyGirl has a massive Lil Critters library, and I look foward to passing that happy book tradition onto Lil Man, too. He already claps his hands in excitement when he sits on my lap while I read books to his big sissy.

I love ya and miss ya, Diva!

DivaJood said...

Hey, Fred. I become flummoxed when a guy like Kuchinich says if he doesn't fare well in Iowa, then go support the center with Obama. I become flummoxed when John Edwards and Hillary Clinton (on mic) discuss ways to eliminate certain people from the debating process early in the campaign. I become flummoxed when the front-runners of the Democratic Party mention that they don't see pulling out of Iraq before 2013. It seems like so much of the same old same old.

Tina, I miss you too - it has not been a great six months for me on a personal level, but I'm back. Ellie's new thing is to the Elmo Goes Potty website and follow those instructions. Not that she wants to use the potty herself. No. Just, watch Elmo. And yes, it's true. If everyone in America demanded peace instead of a bigger television, there would be peace. John Lennon said that. As for Lil Man, I want to just pinch is chubby, adorable cheeks! He's gorgeous!

Unknown said...

I watched beat me! ;p

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Iowa, caucus', and primaries are a joke. 150,000 hayseeds in Iowa is going to tell me who my next President will be? But worse, it will tell me who I no longer CAN pick from! Both are media driven events, scripted to the nth degree. One long reality show, as as we know, the only thing reality shows lack - is reality!

DivaJood said...

Dusty, I just could not get my head around USC demolishing UI Champaign, it was too humiliating. So I went to the movies.

TUA, I agree. The elections are a media-driven unreality show, and it has become a joke. Nothing but sound bites. The tail wags the dog.

Unknown said...

I am not a big college football fan..but the ball and chain it was on in the background for me. I am watching a lot of HBO and Showtime lately if I watch any normal tv at all.

How about the Padres signing that washed up Prior? ack! ;p