Saturday, January 05, 2008

Let's tell Betsy Ross how good we feel

Not bad for a guy who used to be a postal worker in a Chicago suburb, eh? I love John Prine.


Unknown said...

I love Prine! And this is awesome..can I put it up on Sirens m'dear?

DivaJood said...

Hi Dusty. I tried to put it up this morning and got nowhere. So, yes indeed.

Unknown said...

Thanks ;)

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"Your flag won't get you in Heaven anymore"

Sing it loud, long, and strong, Brother!! It occurred to me as I watched that video, how does the party that wants to criminalize flag burning, feel about so many flags wrapped around bodies, burning in hell?:)

Coffee Messiah said...

Yep, he has weathered well!

Chicago, although known for the Blues, had many very good Folk people also. Wish I'd been here for some of that.

Although I can't say we missed much in SF at that time! ; )

Hope all is well weather wise. Sounds pretty wet.

DivaJood said...

TUA, burning the flag is one of the ways we are supposed to dispose of damaged flags. The flag is not supposed to be flown at night unless it is well lit. It is not supposed to be flown in the rain. I just am appalled that people who claim the flag as a symbol of their undying patriotism know so little about the proper handling of the flag.

Coffee, when I lived in Chicago and grew up there, it was a haven for Blues, Jazz AND Folk music, as well as Opera, Classical, and Chamber Music. The Earl Of Old Town was such a great folk club! Everyone played there. And the old Gate of Horn showed Blues, Jazz and Folk. When the Rolling Stones were in town, after their shows they'd head to a small blues club, Buddy Guy's, and jam. They also used to record at Chess Records in the early days. What a city! Why did I move to LA? Oh, yes. The weather.