Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Western Wall

My cousin recently went to Israel for the first time. I call her my evil twin, which, oddly, is what she calls me. We constantly egg each other on to adorable levels of snarkiness and we laugh till we drool or have to run to the loo. She's hilarious.

During her trip, she got to go to the Western Wall in Jerusalem. The Wall was part of the Second Temple, and is a holy place for Jews. People go there to pray, and they put prayers on notes and stuff them into the cracks between the stones. She managed to get this amazing, spiritually loaded, photo:

"Yo, God? This is Phil. Can I have mustard on that Pastrami sammich? Hold the pickles, they give me gas."


Coffee Messiah said...

Yikes! Looks like he's talking on a cell phone! ; (

BTW, when you went to the Old Town" in Chicago, did you ever see Jim Post or Tom Dundee? Can't remember if my friends "Reilly & Maloney" ever played there.

DivaJood said...

Coffee, he IS talking on a cell phone. Click on the image, it gets bigger.

I saw Jim Post many times, as well as Tom Dundee. A friend of mine used to rent out Tom's condo because he was gone so much; we became friendly. He's a great singer, and hilarious. Still very active in the folk scene in Chicago.

D.K. Raed said...

This cracked me up; Yo God! Then my jewish hubby pointed out: when clicked up, you can see the shadows of a couple hasids off camera. Wonder what THEY thought?

Coffee Messiah said...

Sadly, Tom died a few years ago. I believe it was around Chicago (bike accident). He recorded an album on Freckle Records which was my friends (David Maloney, and Ginnys label). He'd stay at Davids and indeed was very nice.

Post is now in Galena doing a very funny Twain show.

robin andrea said...

He looks like he's staring through the cracks in the wall. For some reason it reminded me of this picture.

DivaJood said...

DK, when my cousin sent it to me, I could not catch my breath from laughing. I did notice the Hasids in the shadow, but the guy with the cell phone is the epitomy of the ugly tourist.

Coffee, I am so sorry to hear about Tom. He had the funniest grafitti painted over his bathtub: Get US out of Rogers Park. Rogers Park is a liberal area of Chicago, and he lived in one of the most liberal parts of it. Sad.

Robin, that picture is quite funny when put in juxtoposition with the one for this post. Love it.