Thursday, January 11, 2007

And now for something completely different

Does anyone remember The Mod-Est Lads? That group from Bladderpool, England, who recorded briefly for Roger "Clecky" Davis of Clecky Records in 1966? They made one record for Clecky Records, Trouser Load of Love, and it's quite upbeat, and you can dance to it. My favorite is the tune called "They Stand Straight Up" because it reminds me so much of LA.

Anyway, they are now on a wonderful compilation of nits (non-hits) on this newish release from Clecky, called "Let's Get Clecky":

This homage to K-Tel is wonderfully eclectic, and well worth a listen. And it gets your mind off the disaster of the Bush administration. I'm just saying.


Pursey Tuttweiler said...

I'm just saying this sounds like loads of fun. I will check this out.

pissed off patricia said...

I just read your comment at MM. I live down here in sunny hanging chad Florida. The package that was about to be put on the cruise ship didn't contain explosives. It contained parts for sprinklers. The Miami police blew it up because their detectors gave them a reading that said there were plastic explosives inside it. The bomb sniffing dogs showed no interest in it. The blew it up just to be on the safe side, but there were no explosives in it at all, just sprinkler parts.

Just thought I'd put your mind at ease :)

Frederick said...


annie said...

hi again divajood
you have been blogrolled
ktel? what a flashback/distraction

Anonymous said...

Hi Jood... welcome back!

Let's get Checky??

What is it--code??

DivaJood said...

Ah, Pursey, you will enjoy them all.

Patricia, thanks for the update. Glad it was faux.

Fred, right. ANYTHING.

Annie, what amuses me is that some CD reviewer listed them as one of the top ten worst CD covers of the year; failing to grasp the humorous content of the entire program.

Lulu Maude, CLECKY not Checky. Not code, it's from eclectic. They are all pretty funny.