Friday, January 12, 2007

Bush's legacy of lies

In his most recent Special Comment, Keith Olbermann refers to Bush as the President who cried wolf. As one of the few news voices for truth, Olbermann's Special Comments tend to be courageous, and pointed, and for me, at least, always surprising that this comes out of the mouth of "That sports news guy."

Sadly, the legacy of this President is one of lies, hate, and contradictions. He has cheapened the office of the Presidency by his policies, and has placed all American citizens in danger. We are less safe in the world, having lost our allies, having gained the hatred of Muslims everywhere - all because Bush wants to prove that his is bigger than anyone else's.

Last night, Olbermann read again the list of Bush's contradictions, which he'd read on Wednesday before the President's speech. I list them here as well:

"Before Mr. Bush was elected, he said nation-building was wrong for America.

Now he says it is vital.

He said he would never put U.S. troops under foreign control.

Last night he promised to embed them in Iraqi units.

He told us about WMD.

Mobile labs.

Secret sources.

Aluminum tubes.


He has told us the war is necessary:

Because Saddam was a material threat.

Because of 9/11.

Because of Osama Bin Laden. Al-Qaida. Terrorism in general.

To liberate Iraq. To spread freedom. To spread Democracy. To prevent terrorism by gas price increases.

Because this was a guy who tried to kill his dad.

Because — 439 words in to the speech last night — he trotted out 9/11 again.

In advocating and prosecuting this war he passed on a chance to get Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi.

To get Muqtada Al-Sadr. To get Bin Laden.

He sent in fewer troops than the generals told him to. He ordered the Iraqi army disbanded and the Iraqi government “de-Baathified.”

He short-changed Iraqi training. He neglected to plan for widespread looting. He did not anticipate sectarian violence.

He sent in troops without life-saving equipment. He gave jobs to foreign contractors, and not Iraqis. He staffed U.S. positions there, based on partisanship, not professionalism.

He and his government told us: America had prevailed, mission accomplished, the resistance was in its last throes.

He has insisted more troops were not necessary. He has now insisted more troops are necessary.

He has insisted it’s up to the generals, and then removed some of the generals who said more troops would not be necessary.

He has trumpeted the turning points:

The fall of Baghdad, the death of Uday and Qusay, the capture of Saddam. A provisional government, a charter, a constitution, the trial of Saddam. Elections, purple fingers, another government, the death of Saddam.

He has assured us: We would be greeted as liberators — with flowers;

As they stood up, we would stand down. We would stay the course; we were never about “stay the course.”

We would never have to go door-to-door in Baghdad. And, last night, that to gain Iraqis’ trust, we would go door-to-door in Baghdad.

He told us the enemy was al-Qaida, foreign fighters, terrorists, Baathists, and now Iran and Syria.

He told us the war would pay for itself. It would cost $1.7 billion. $100 billion. $400 billion. Half a trillion. Last night’s speech alone cost another $6 billion.

And after all of that, now it is his credibility versus that of generals, diplomats, allies, Democrats, Republicans, the Iraq Study Group, past presidents, voters last November and the majority of the American people.

Oh, and one more to add, tonight: Oceania has always been at war with East Asia."

While Olbermann speaks for many of us, it is up to us to take action. Again, write your Congressman, demand impeachment. Demand it. We have to find our way to restoring dignity to the United States, and the only way to do it is regime change at home.


Tina said...

Keith was ON FIRE last night and Weds night!! But the BEST part of last night was the absolutely priceless look on Joe Scarborough's face as Keith turned the broadcast over to him at 9pm. Joe serously looked like a cat shitting razorblades.

Peacechick Mary said...

I just wish I could get Olbermann broadcast up and down the streets so everyone will hear it. Unfortunately, the ones who don't know this stuff are stuck over there on Fox. As for demanding impeachment, it's either that or certify him insane and haul him off. I do believe he is a madman.

Comandante Agí said...

The 2002 resolution to authorize the use of force in Iraq allows the president to:

"(1) defend the national security of the United States against the continuing threat posed by Iraq and (2) enforce all relevant United Nations Security Council Resolutions regarding Iraq"

Four years later Saddam is dead, there never was any WMD and Iraq has elected a new government and ratified a constitution. What the hell are we supposed to be doing there??

Now the emporer-in-chief wants to launch war against Iran and Syria. Considering these actions are not mentioned in the 2002 resolution and Congress has not declared war, doing so would be immediate grounds for impeachment (not to mention all the other impeachable offenses he's already committed).

My conclusion is that Bush is insane.

Anonymous said...

here! here!

Pursey Tuttweiler said...

You keep this list of atrocities by Bush going. We all need to print it off and carry it with us to convert others, crazy as they are. You go girl. You are one of a kind.

Anonymous said...


I have a mint over at my page you might enjoy. :)

sumo said...

In total agreement there.

Musings from Myopia said...

I agree Bush is a criminal, a liar, a scoundrel, and a threat to world peace. I want him out of office. But I don't want just him to go...I certainly don't want Cheney in his place. We have to insist that the entire cadre of demons be cast out. There is no good solution, unless the whole lot of them resign, or are booted out, en masse.

DivaJood said...

Tina, you know, I am playing the world's smallest violin for Joe Scarborough. Seriously.

PC Mary, I can just see the loud-speaker trucks now.

Spiro, insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. I guess Bush qualifies. But then, so do the citizens who cast a vote for him a second time.

Betmo, where? Where? Sorry, I've always wanted to do that, and this was the first time anyone gave me an opportunity.

Pursey, in all my life I never thought that we, as a nation, would get to this point. I am truly grateful my parents aren't here to see this unfold.

Msliberty, I will check out your list.

Sumo, I just realised that your sumokitty looks like he's ready to fart on the neocons!

Myopia, I agree that the entire cabal needs to be rounded up and arrested. Cheney for a replacement act would be as bad, or worse.