Friday, January 12, 2007

Friday Grandbaby Blogging

Hallo. My gramma has had a very busy week since she got back from Tahishiti or wherever it was and she had to do work so she's not been visiting too many blogs except a few, but we did talk on the phone twice and I told her plftpfltxfrrf, and I told her hi g hi g hi g hi g, and I told her that thing where you rub your fingers on your lips and say bbbbbbb. Then she sang "teapot" to me, and then she sang the ah-m song and told me a joke. She has a funny singing voice.

Bye bye. See you later. I have to go play now.


annie said...

lucky you, grandmama.

have a lovely weekend.

Frederick said...

Ahhh, your making me miss my little ones. Talking over the phone just doesn't do it...I gotta get the web cam hooked up.

Peacechick Mary said...

Oh, the little piggy tails and Elmo! Adorable. The Cutie-patootie of the day.

Tina said...

Beanie, you go girl with your bad self in those ponytails!

Pursey Tuttweiler said...

Awww, it makes me long for a grandbaby but I am barren and have no children, therefore, I can have no grandbabies. I sure wish I could adopt one. I am going to see if there is a place where you are an adopting Grandma. That would be wonderful. I would love that.

I love to hear the stories about Beanie, nedernederneder girl. She is so cute and sweet, it must take your breath away!

You have the best Grandmother EVER, I SWEAR!!!

Pursey Tuttweiler said...


Does she sing like Alfalfa? I love the way he sang. I like to sing like Alfalfa. "Let me call you sweetheart, (belch) I'm in love with you, (belch)! Alfalfa is one of the best singers in the history of the world.

sumo said...

I see she's got her faithful Elmo baby. Pursey...I think Alfalfa was the best singer too. Oh, how I love those shows.

DivaJood said...

Annie, I am lucky! Beanie is wonderful.

Frederick, yours are not this little, I thought. And they're yours, not your grandkids. But, okay, you miss 'em, I get it!

PC Mary, and she's a Democrat to boot!

Tina, Beanie said to tell you "nerdernerdernerder" which means "thank you, I like my pigtails too."

Pursey, there must be places where you can rent a grandchild, or adopt a grandchild, but you might have to adopt a fully grown adult child along with it, or else you are stuck with ALL the work. And Beanie said to tell you "nerdernerdernerder" which means "thank you, I like my gramma too because she sings the ah-m song to me and that's her name too." And, it's not Beanie who sings funny, Pursey, it is my own self. And I don't sound like Alfalfa, who I also love, I have a style all my own. Perhaps I will audition for the film you are writing.

Sumo, wasn't "Our Gang" just the best thing ever (except for the Buster Brown Show, and Froggie the Gremlin.)

SB Gypsy said...

What a cutie! ...and thanks for posting Olbermann's words.