Sunday, June 24, 2007

Branches of Government finally clarified

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(With a big hat-tip to Suzie-q)

Now that Vice President Richard Cheney is asserting that his office is not actually part of the executive branch, Congressman Rahm Emmanuel (D-IL) plans to introduce an ammendment to the Financial Services and General Government Appropriations bill to cut funding for Cheney's office.

Dick, aka Blasty McBirdshot, has socked away enough money in tax-exempt funds that he can afford to run his own branch of government, so why should I continue to pay his salary as a taxpayer? If he is a separate branch of government, then he should fund it himself. Besides, he's probably got a few extra millions stashed away from his share in the BAE Systems bribe scandal. Allegedly, BAE Systems made cash transfers to Bandar every three months for 10 years or more, and apparently Cheney promised that the $80B+ fund would forever be secret. Oops.

Okay, so if he can't fund his branch of government out of his own pocket, then he could always have a car wash.


LET'S TALK said...

I hope it's Ok with you DivaJood.

I've added this site and The Katrinacrat Blog to my Blog Link.

DivaJood said...

Let's talk, thank you! I will do the same - I like both your blogs.

Larry said...

If Cheney is not longer in the Executive Branch, we should be able to impeach Bush and not have Cheney taking over.

Suzie-Q said...

I love this graph!

The Dick Cheney government which will soon be out of funds! LOL

Alicia Morgan said...

He's not in the executive branch, yet he claims executive privilege! Truly amazing!

Coffee Messiah said...

Just how much more are these people going to do and say before anyone actually deals with them? ! ; (

Perplexing to say the least!

Frederick said...

As I've said elsewhere, what's Cheney have to do, proclaim his horse Consul?!

DivaJood said...

Larry, you've hit the solution! Impeach Bush, because Cheney won't be next in line any longer.

Suzie-q, if a car wash doesn't work, he could have yard sale.

Alicia, he wants what he wants when he wants it, I'm just saying.

Coffee, exactly. A Republican Congress impeached Clinton over a lie about a blow-job; this frivolity might have turned Congress into a puddle of goo.

Frederick, I don't know. Let's consult the three witches.

Ohio Neocon said...

Constitutionally the vice president is a member of the legislative branch (President of the Senate) and therefore he is not a member of the executive office in his constitutional capacity. However, President George W. Bush has chosen to keep his vice president close to him as an adviser and therefore Vice President Cheney has executive privilege when it comes to his communications with or on the behalf of the Office of the President.

DivaJood said...

Bill Kristol, he can't have it both ways. You're wrong again!