Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wednesday Grandbaby Interruption

I can't write about the Secret Presidency of Dick Cheney today because I cannot be civilized. My fury, my rage at what he's done to our nation is too deep and I cannot be coherent. It is no small thing, and the damage is so far-reaching, that I cannot be coherent, let alone civilized.

So I interrupt my week with a story about Ellie Bean. Beanie doesn't really like to talk on the phone. She pushes it away, she thinks it interrupts play, or reading. Oh, she will pick up the phone and dial random numbers and say "hi" and "bye" when she feels like it, but when her mommy hands her the phone, she pushes it away.

Sunday, my daughter and I were talking. She put me on speaker phone. She kept telling Beanie to say hi to Gramma. Suddenly, Bean picked up the phone, and said, "Hi... GAMMA." She babbled away for a minute. I answered her. Then I told her a baby-joke, ending with the punch-line bffftpfttt - she laughed, and made the same raspberry sound. We did this back and forth for a bit. Finally, she said "Bye. Gamma." Handed the phone to my daughter, and sat down to read a book - Clifford, The Big Red Dog.

It was her first real conversation on the phone.

Now, what does this have to do with my rage at Dick Cheney? Everything. It is for Ellie that I want to restore our Constitution. It is for Ellie that I want to mend our imbalanced health care system. It is for Ellie that I want to clean up the environment, and protect resources. It is for Ellie that I want to see this criminal impeached, tried, and convicted.


robin andrea said...

I want those things too, for Ellie Bean and all the other children of the world. I sincerely wish Dick Cheney would just drop dead. I don't know how that man still walks the earth, but as long as he does, he spews evil in his path. Evil is not a word I ever use, but in this only instance, it is absolutely necessary.

BTW-- Have you and your daughter ever considered using little video cameras on your computers? We have an iSight camera that works quite well on our mac, and we do video chats with friends who are out of state. Ellie Bean might get a kick out of seeing her gamma on the computer.

Larry said...

That was good Divajood,

The way you weaved the Cheney debacle with your granddaughter, and back into changing what Cheney and Bush have done was quite magical.

Donnie McDaniel said...

Yes, for Ellie Bean and the rest of the kids! It is our duty to make it better for them.

Peacechick Mary said...

Let's get Ellie Bean on the phone to stop the war. Who knows, she may have the code for our success with her bfffpttt!

Yep, she is a worthy receiver of our efforts.

Suzie-Q said...


That's exactly why I want the Constitution restored as well...

For my children and grandchildren because they deserve better than this.

Traveling Man said...

Children can always put things into perspective.



beachblogger said...

dear DivaJood,

great post. it made me wonder if BUSH or CHENEY have ever had a conversation as meaningful as yours with Beanie. i just never get the feeling that they have any interest outside of war, torture and greed.

peace, peter

proudprogressive said...

Yes we must charge them, impeach and convict them. People fought and died for our Constitutional checks and balances. The individual must have more power than the corporations. Its got to happen for the 7th generation. For Ellie's grand children. And for we the people. For our mother earth.

The machinations of this breed of neo con Cheney and company are nothing short of a fascist dictatorship wrapped in an American Flag. Their flagrant disregard for our Constitution has made Nixon look like a prankster. We must create a more humanitarian America.

LET'S TALK said...

I am sure that Bush and Cheney laugh and talk with their grandchildren or small family members as you do with our grandchild Ellie Bean.

The difference is that you have a heart and care for others.

They don't care about anyone but their on and that is the difference.

enigma4ever said...

I pray for our babies and granbabies that we can indeed get OUR Country back.....thank you for rembering What Matters.....namaste.

Pursey Tuttweiler said...

Great motivation, that Ellie Bean. It is so frustrating thinking about the future for those we leave behind. So infuriating.

Larry said...

America's future looks bad for the young, unless something changes drastically.

mirth said...

Wonderful story, Diva Jood. I'm so happy that you are THE FIRST! and that your shared it with us. It lifted me.
We may not see significant results in our lifetimes, but the fight is for those who come after us. I don't have children, but all children, here and far away, are the reason we must make a difference now.

DivaJood said...

Robin, good idea! I mentioned it to my daughter, and I think before Ellie turns 3, we'll both do that.

Larry, I thank you.

Donnie, I think we have to do THIS.

Peacechick, Ellie doesn't like Bush or Cheney. She won't talk to them.

Suzie-q, what I don't get is how we, the Citizens of the USA, really allowed all this to happen. Pluralistic ignorance doesn't quite cut it for me.

Traveling Man, Beanie is such a joy! I love her, and she does help me keep things in perspective. She is the tangible reason I want to effect change.

Peter, I am beginning to see the Sopranos as a metaphor for the Bush Administration. Tony Soprano loved his kids; and as a father, he could sit in a session with his son's psychiatrist and calmly pick a tooth from his cuff, the tooth belonging to a mobster he just stomped. That's my image of Dick Cheney.

PP, I agree completely!

Let's Talk, I agree with you that Cheney plays with his grandkids. He probably even loves them. But icewater runs in his veins.

E4E, I am so exhausted by this administration. Bush is refusing to turn over the subpoenaed files, of course. Showdown.

Pursey, I SWEAR!

Mirth, I have had a number of firsts with Beanie - her first laugh, her first time rolling tummy to back - I'm lucky!

Mentarch said...

Wonderful story, Jood - well written and well said! Hear, hear!


sumo said...

Good for you Diva...putting it into perspective that way with the Bean. She is better by far to think about that get your blood pressure up with those other knuckleheads. Remember your health...aggravating it won't help at all. And that is another thing we can thank them for...those wienies!

DivaJood said...

Mentarch, thank you. Bean visits each Friday.

Sumo, I have two requests of Ellie Bean: she must be a liberal; she must be a Cubs fan.