Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday Grandbaby Blogging

My Gamma needs new pictures of me. This is still from March and my Mommy keeps forgetting to email gamma new pictures. In March I was two, and I'm a big girl now and I go to day care and everything. But Gamma still calls me her grandbaby and that's okay she's my baby too. But so Gamma and Mommy went to Alaska on a cruise and I didn't go with I went to my other Gamma's with Daddy and played with my cousins. Gamma said she and Mommy saw lots and lots of these big birdies:

They are called Bald Eagles, but they aren't bald like men with no hair or anything. Bald Eagles aren't on the endangered species list anymore and that means they aren't estiacnct
extinct anymore. But Bald means it has a white head and tail feathers and a dark body and it's from a Welsh word. Gamma said that some people in Alaska said that there were so many Bald Eagles there they were like pigeons but they are too pretty to be pigeons and that maybe the Endangered Species act was getting weak. Dick Cheney doesn't like salmon and he let farmers kill salmon. I don't like him. Can you please impeach him?

I have to go play now. Bye bye.


WeezieLou said...

oh, baby, you didn't get to go to alaska?? so sorry. maybe when you are bigger they will take you on trips...

robin andrea said...

I would be so happy if Dick Cheney were impeached. Maybe we can make it happen, for you Ellie Bean.

mirth said...

Hey, Miss Ellie Bean. :)
I have a bird story for you.
I have a lot of them at my house. They like the seeds and cracked corn I give them to eat. The other day a very little bird was under my patio table. When I came outside, it flew up and bonked its head. Then the bird let me pick it up in my hands and hold it until it was ready to fly away. Mine may be the only hands that touch it in its whole life.
I'm glad you are in the world and we are trying to make it better for you.

Peacechick Mary said...

I think the land developers whined to their corporate congress and that's how the Bald Eagle got taken off the Endangered list. As long as a Bald Eagle has a nest there, it can't be developed. That dang bird was costing them a yacht or two.

moe berg said...

That kind of sinister plot wouldn't surprise me, Peacechick, but I think we're actually seeing, at long last, the results of the DDT ban. Not only has the bald eagle population increased significantly, but so have the populations of other raptors. I remember when it was a rare treat to see a hawk where I live, and now they're fairly common. They're not only plentiful in the countryside, but every so often I see one in my residential neighborhood. It's wonderful!

Jood--hope you have a great weekend!

Ellie--I want to see Dick Cheney impeached, too. Maybe if we all wish really hard it will happen.

Tina said...

Oh cute Beanie... I hope someday that you will give younger men a try. I promise you, my Lil Man, with whom you share a birthday with, will be a wonderful boy. And if not... well... hopefully you and he and BabyGirl will have a much betterplace to live in if all of the mommies, daddies, and grammies and pappies do their best to make it so right now. Demanding peace & healthcare, and impeaching a few of the REALLY bad men would be an excellent start...

LET'S TALK said...

You know that I'm new to your site and I must say what a pleasure to put a face to the story you wrote about Ellie Bean on Wednesday.

What a joy she must be to you, congratulations.

Donnie McDaniel said...

We have some Eagles down the bayou here. I remember the first one I ever saw when I was around 17 years old. It was on the way into town, and my brother spotted it first. He thought he saw an Eagle and I turned around. We pulled over, and sure enough, there was an Eagle out in a field flapping its wings and pecking at something with its beak. Shortly after, it spread its massive wing span and slowly took to flight with a freshly killed rabbit in its talons. I had a lump in my throat after seeing that.

Larry said...

Today we hear Pelosi and Reid spew the anti-war babble that they will stop this war, and get the troops home in 6 months.

As in the past their mouths will run ahead of their spines, as will their mouths run ahead of their spines in impeachment.

sumo said...

Just too cute!

DivaJood said...

Weezielou, she will go to London for her tenth birthday with her mommy and Gamma.

Robin, there is a Do It Yourself impeachment site.

Mirth, Ellie Bean likes your bird story. She likes all living creatures, and would love to have a bird eat from her hand.

Peacechick, the Bald Eagle is plentiful in Alaska; but the overall endangered species act has been weakened.

Moe, I plan on a July 10th All-Star Assessment of da Cubs. Your input will be appreciated.

Tina, Ellie and Li'l Man are linked! So what if she's older?

Let's Talk, Ellie contributes every Friday. I don't have a cat, so I can't do Friday Cat Blogging, which seems to be a tradition around the "Internets".

Donnie, I bet it was majestic!

Larry, we can bring articles of impeachment via this site which is a do-it-yourself place.

Sumo, I get to visit her in three weeks!

Pursey Tuttweiler said...

Dick let the ranchers kill the wild salmon and you can bet your sweet bippy he has a Bald Eagle hunt planned. We will get him impeached for you, Beanie.