Friday, June 01, 2007

Friday Grandbaby Blogging

I love my swimming classes and when I take my bath I like to pretend my bath is my swimming pool and I blow bubbles but I can't jump into the bath because it really isn't a pool. My baba likes to give me booper kisses and I laugh. Why did Mr. George Bush pound his chest and say he's the president like he's really a gorilla? I like oreo cookies too.

I have to go play now, bye.


robin andrea said...

ellie bean looks very cute in her bath. I wish I had an answer for her about why Bush pounded his chest and said 3 times that he was the president. It's a scary glimpse into his mindset, isn't it?

mirth said...

Ellie bean, he is a gorilla. And not in a good way.
PS: you are adorable.

Donnie McDaniel said...

Ellie Bean, it's because he is a big doofus! He thinks he is a king.

Mariamariacuchita said...

Cute as a button.

Traveling Man said...

Posts like this make me determined to build a better world for people like her.

Traveling Man

Pursey Tuttweiler said...

Travelling man,
I love your comment. That is sweet and it is inspirational.

Ellie Bean, Bush is pretending he is Tarzan, King of the Jungle. I think he would be happier if he lived in the jungle and we would be too.

Anonymous said... the risk of being a wet blanket, as cute as this Grandbaby blogging thing you think that in 15 years this kid is going appreciate having pictures of them naked forever preserved in the Google cache?

(I kid! I KID!!) ;-)

sumo said...

Definitely a keeper for Baba.

WeezieLou said...

ellie bean, that big bad man did that because he has nothing else to do, and because he's not sure what his current occupation is.

but you just enjoy that bath - plenty of time later to become a mentally tortured peace activist.

Tina said...

As any fine lady knows... a bubble bath is aces.

... and that big empty-headed idiot in the White Houseisn't even worthy of being compared to a distinguished gorilla... even if he does throw his poop at people in the Oval Office.