Thursday, June 21, 2007

July 1 - 4, another blogswarm against Theocracy

How many ways can we find to restore our Constitution, and the principles that made the IDEA of our nation possible? One way is to put the brakes on this growing theocracy - and what better way to get that message out than a SECOND blogswarm against Theocracy? Click on the link for details, which will be updated, on how to email your post directly to the blog. And get ready with your own posts.

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Peacechick Mary said...

For those of us who struggle with organized religion partially because we are the rebellious type, it's hard to adhere to a schedule. But, I will wrestle that little rebel to the ground and sign up.

Ohio Neocon said...

Ba humbug! The best way to prevent theocracy is to spread freedom and democracy abroad, as President Bush has been doing for the last six years. If countries such as Iran were able to embrace freedom and democracy, and better yet Christianity, the Islamofascist theocratic threat would be erased.

Larry said...

I just wish there was a President coming up who will not claim their mantle by using religion.

How many more will say God told them to attack a country for oil and profit?

mirth said...

Me too, Larry...but most if not all of the prez candidates are talking about their personal faith...which is more pandering to that element in our society.

Holly said...

I like your blog and enjoyed reading the posts, found you from Lydia Cornells blog

Traveling Man said...

The "Dennis Miller of Freemasonry" will be on board.

Traveling Man

Suzie-Q said...

Hopefully, no more Neocons to destroy our country once this regime is gone! And, the sooner the better.

Suzie-Q said...


That's weird, when I click on your web page it takes me to Lydia's website.

DivaJood said...

Peacechick, do your best, no pressure, really.

Ohio, Bill, I haven't heard Bah, Humbug since Christmas. People should say that more often, I think.

Larry, it would be interesting if there were a candidate who said "I don't believe in God, unless you mean the God of Oil", which would be more truthful than the bill of goods we've been fed.

Mirth, I don't even believe that they believe what they're saying. Except maybe Romney, who is a Mormon - and I wonder if he secretly practices polygamy?

Holly, thank you. Visit again! There's always something.

Traveling Man, you are hilarious - the Dennis Miller of Freemasonry indeed - I had you more pegged as the Bill Maher of Freemasonry, but what do I know?

Suzie-q, unfortunately, I have a nasty sick feeling that Mitt Romney will get the nomination, and what with the neocons' friends at Diebold, steal another election.

Traveling Man said...

I picked Dennis Miller because of his use of arcane references, not his political leanings.

Politicaly, I'm all over the map, though I'm getting more Liberal as I get older.


DivaJood said...

Traveling Man - I realized what you meant AFTER I responded - remembering his stint on Monday Night Football when nobody knew what the hell he was talking about.