Friday, July 20, 2007

Friday Grandbaby Blogging

So but I really like to play in my bath. After bath time my mommy reads me stories. But if I have a tantrum she doesn't read me stories. So but I REALLY like to play in my bath, and the other night I didn't want to get out so I cried and screamed and made a big mess. So mommy said "No stories, Beanie" and put me to bed. So but I really really got mad, and threw my binky on the floor. So my mommy came in and gave me back my binky and said "Good night now, Beanie, I love you, but when you have a tantrum, we can't read stories" so then I got really really upset and started to cry really hard, like when you can't catch your breath and just make that "huh huh huh" sound and then I cried "stories, stories, stories" so mommy picked me up and cuddled me and said if I was really good the next day, I would have all my stories. Then she said "That's enough, Beanie, I love you, but you have to go to sleep now. Say goodnight." So I got all huffy, and made a mad face at her and said "GOOD NIGHT MOMMY" and put my binky in my mouth and went to sleep. She was tough, I couldn't make her change her mind at all.

My gramma is coming to see me on Saturday. She will take lots of new pictures of me.

I have to play now, bye bye.


Peacechick Mary said...

Mommy is a wise woman - tough love at any age is the best way. Too bad old lady Bush didn't use some tough love.

Have a fun Saturday with the little sweet potato!

Larry said...

I bet grandma will read all the stories you can handle.

robin andrea said...

That must have taken a lot of resolve to not read that cutie-pie a story. Your daughter is a good momma, she must have had a very good teacher.

Have a grand time with Ellie Bean.

mirth said...

That's the most gentle tuff love I've ever read...and absolutely perfect.

Ellie Bean, you have a really good mother.

sumo said...

Cute story...and glad your daughter stuck to her guns...she will have taught Beanie a great lesson. The kid is a star!