Monday, July 09, 2007

An Rx for Health Coverage

Over the weekend, I saw SiCKO. Now, regular readers know that I've been going through some health challenges for a while. The biggest challenge I face is actually financial. I have insurance, but my prescriptions seem to all be "non-formulary" so that means a $50 co-pay per prescription! That's $300 per month on drugs. Then there are the doctor visits ($35 copay each time for in-network, a lot more for out of network). And the CT Scans, and the biopsy, and the blood tests, and the blah, blah, blah, blah blah.

What it means, is that at almost 59 years of age, I am struggling financially and I earn a respectable income. This sucks. This should not happen in America. Now, there are programs. Walgreens, for example, has a variety of ID cards to help defray costs of prescriptions but you have to figure out what you are eligiable for. They don't replace the card you might have, they merely help to defray the costs. But they also don't really let you know about it, you have to do some digging.

This should not happen in America. And we can demand better. Here is where our revolution should begin - a contemporary Boston Tea Party - we need to do better.


Coffee Messiah said...

We knew we should have seen this while in Chicago. Although it's only a 2 1/2 hr drive to Indianapolis to see it from here.

And yes, it's BS that people who are in need, pay so much! ; (

Listening to the shrub, we need to help our neighbors, 'cause we have so much? ! ; (


great pic with the grand-daughter btw! ; )

pissed off patricia said...

I just heard bush say the same thing coffee messiah heard. The part about we have so much and blah blah blah. No we don't have so much, most americans owe so much. Health care should be provided to everyone, no matter what.

Peacechick Mary said...

By telling your personal story, you brought the SICKO message to life. We have to make this happen. I know many doctors who want it as well. They want to do what they set out to do with medicine.

mirth said...

I see no hope for a good healthcare system until we can rid the Neos from office...and that includes corporate-shilling Neo Dems.

proudprogressive said...

This medicare recipiant me, never turned it over to an HMO. Never joined part D. Is a low utilizer, mostly due to money i suppose, though sometimes i wonder if i lack a lust for life. Our health care system is beyond fucked up,its designed to ruin us,for profit. The condition i have ironically the pharmuceutical companies would love to put me in clinical trials..i have worked in way too many hospitals to ever go that route. Besides the "cure" in my case is worse than the disease, but that does not stop them. A CT scan would be nice - but the 20 % not covered by med A and B would break me. The meds i do take are generic old fashioned pain/anxiety meds - nothing fancy. Walgreens i found was charging me GET THIS 3 times more than the smaller pharmacy - ie. 129 bucks vs 43 $, i pay out of pocket for all of them. OK - i also found out that Part D, doesn't like my drugs.they think they are "naughty" ones..Screw that Noise. I am 50 yrs old medically retired social worker. My Dr and I can decide what is naughty or not for me. Sooo, i also found out that the diff. Part D plans also charge 3 times MORE for generics that they do cover...the rip offs go on and this comment.

When AARP supported Part D through United Health Care - i needed a barf bag. suffice it to say i know United Health Care quite intimately. AARP should have NEVER supported Med. Part D. -

DivaJood said...

Just back from a visit to my doctor - and she said she's opposed to socialized medicine. She said it makes people wait in line. I sat there, dumfounded. Just dumbfounded.

proudprogressive said...

Oh you really must watch out for kidding, most are completely co opted. (trust me) And further more their agenda is often not yours. And i could go on - however its ironic too because i bet dollars to doughnuts even with an anppointment, the visit was hardly a drive through,in other words you waited. I really distrust most doctors, the drugs they push, the perks they get. My country doctor has been a gift. And lets not forget how the Pharmaceutal companies woo them. Its not all their fault, some started out as good people. And i hear that the newer medical students are a kind of new breed,not so full of greed. Believe i have worked side by side with medical students and doctors in teaching hospitals and private trauma one hospitals. Including x surgeon general Richard Carmona.It is here i will refrain. (mutter mutter) Yeah DJ, watch out more being dumbfounded is surely coming your way.

All i can say to all patients is do your research , on the MEDs they want you to take, the treatments they reccommend. Check it all out for yourselves first..and have every single page of your own medical record in your possession. You never know when you might need it.

Its your right ! Take back your power, direct your own care. Do not be intimidated ! EVER Ironic also the woman who died on the ER floor in LA, she "waited" too long,not in line but on the floor. Dumbfounded..hmmm - i might look for another doctor. And let her know why.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

As the nation ages, it's only going to get worse, in every sector. Sometimes, I honestly wish for death.

American Scot said...

"Just back from a visit to my doctor - and she said she's opposed to socialized medicine."

Of course she is, it would likely mean less kickbacks from the pharmaceuticals, and less money in her pocket!

Sorry to hear of your health problems. And I am truly sorry for the financial drain it causes. You're right, this shouldn't happen in America!

DivaJood said...

well, I could always go to Hook-A-Canuck and find a nice Canadian boy to marry for the National Health!

Suzie-Q (S-Q) said...

It's sad that our seniors have to spend so much of their income for prescriptions!

Our health care system in this country needs a complete overhaul!

LET'S TALK said...

That is the reason I'm so pissed at AARP, who backed this Health Bill Bush pulled out to help the pharmaceutical companies and the Doctors.

I just received a bill that I have a co-pay from a visit to the hospital a month back and the price and prescription are just outrageous.

Larry said...

As long as Congress receives the best healthcare in the world at taxpayers expense, there will be no improvements.

Congress needs to fend for themselves like the American people basically are forced to do, then maybe they would provide every American with the same insurance coverage they enjoy.

Wouldn't our tax dollars be better used to healthcare for every American, than in destroying Iraqi's for Bush's profit?

Tree said...

We in America definitely have serious issues with health care. I have a particular concern with the greed and corruption of the pharmaceutical company.
I'm still paying off thousands on a credit card because I had to pay $700 a month for prescriptions for over a year. Still, other countries have their problems, too. Socialized medicine is NOT perfect and Michael Moore's depiction of it in Sicko is highly idealized, to say the least.

robin andrea said...

We certainly should have a system that is much better than what we have now. I see no reason to have insurance companies whose sole purpose is to make money. Why profit should be made by someone who is completely unrelated to the delivery of medicine is what we need to be asking every law maker in our country. Enough. We need to stop worrying about money when it comes to our health.