Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday Grandbaby Blogging

So but I love flowers and insects and trees and birdies and fish and stuff and so we found out this report that Arctic Sea Ice broke the record for the lowest recorded ice area in recorded history. I know that the lowest recorded Golf score wins because my Daddy is teaching me golf. Not really yet but he got me my own plastic golf clubs and I play with them. But the lowest recorded sea ice is not a good thing. But so this this other scientist says it really won't break the record but it's close.

Mark Serreze of the National Snow and Ice Data Center said that there's a triple whammy. A high pressure system makes the clouds stay away, and lots of winds from the south with warm air, and lots of open water. I like no clouds and I like warm winds and I love water, but this is way too much of these things. My mommy says that I have to get out of the water after playtime is over.

There is still a whole month left before the sun sets in the Arctic, so there might be more melting ice. Where will the polar bears go to rest? They can't all go to the zoo, they don't like the zoo, they like to be outside. I like the zoo, but I'm two and I'm not a bear. My mama is coming to visit again soon, I talked to her on the phone yesterday and said "Hi mama. I'm TWO."

And then all these big government people are getting all mean about who owns what shipping routes and planting flags and threatening, like they can't share. They should all go to pre-school, we learn to share in pre-school. The Russians planted a flag in the sea bed in the North Pole, and the Canadians got all huffy. I think Government people never went to pre-school, I'd bet all my Elmos on it.

Bye-bye, I have to go to pre-school now.


robin andrea said...

Ellie Bean, you have more sense than all the people in Washington. When you're older, I hope you help change the world. I also hope there are still polar bears in the Arctic.

LET'S TALK said...

Ellie Bean you have helped to make my day start off great, just knowing that you have the sense and compassion we should all have. I will try to remember to share today.

American Scot said...

Ellie Bean, bless you're little heart for seeing to truth in the world. Now if we could only get some "grown ups" in Washington and on AM radio to think the same way, we might help those Polar Bears!

Larry said...

Why can't we all see life through the eyes and minds of a child!

Suzie-Q (S-Q) said...

Yep, children see things for what they really are!

Nice post Jiva Jood! :)

Worried American said...

I hope that there are still polar bears in the artic when she grows up, that coasts aren't inundated by rising seas from melted ice caps and the world isn't overheated from global warming - or headed for a new ice age/nuclear winter. I hope - I hope for this sweet child and all the other children of the world, including my own great-grand children.
If we do not manage to impeach Bush and Cheney before they inflict more dangers to this earth and its people, I fear greatly that the damage may be irreversible. Pessimistic - just realistic worries.
Thank you for visiting us. The mental image of little bees with picket signs taped to their tiny feet still gives me the giggles. Thanks for the laughs. I needed them.

Naj said...

If polar bears are not in a zoo, you better not come close to them.

DivaJood said...

Robin Andrea, every time I look at Ellie I have a mixture of hope and fear - what will I leave behind for her?

Let's Talk, plus, she loves to laugh.

Scot, I think all Government Officials should be sent to pre-school for a year.

Larry, being around a two year old is amazing - she is interested in EVERYTHING.

Suzie-q, thank you.

Worried American, with all the horrors that the Bush/Cheney administration is foisting on the world, I believe that as long as we can laugh, we still have our sanity and spirit intact. So there is hope.

Naj, no kidding on that one!

Donnie McDaniel said...

Ellie Bean for President! I would much prefer to have a two year old, than one that acts like one at an older age! Besides, Ellie Bean sure speaks better!

sumo said...

Ellie Bean...precious...I hate to tell you this...but the Danish are entering the Arctic fray now. Then there's the possibility that it is linked underground to Siberia...and just goes on and on! We don't know where it will stop.