Friday, August 04, 2006

Friday grandbaby blogging

She likes to climb on things. She has a growing vocabulary: mama, dada, again, ball, cat, doggie, up, blue. Everything else is doggie.

She goes to the drawer, or cabinet. She takes each thing out individually, and says "Hello, spoon. I'm Ellie. It's so nice to meet you." This sounds like "grible doggie bleip flrfle." Then she puts the thing on the floor, takes out the next thing, and repeats the process. After everything has been removed, she takes the last object, kisses it good bye and puts it back in the drawer. After everything is put away, she starts the exact same process of introduction again.

Off to work, then the mountains with my cousin, I actually packed and am bringing my camera. Have a great weekend, and thank you all for your hugs and support.


robin andrea said...

Isn't she the quintessential grand-daughter! So cute.

Have a great weekend, divajood. It's been quite a week. I hope you find comfort and joy in your mountain sojourn.

betmo said...

that is really cute. have a great weekend! you deserve a break.

Pete's Blog said...

Have a good trip.

With all her meeting and greating practice do you think Beanie would like to be a flight attendant or politician?


pissed off patricia said...

I love to watch little kids play like that in their own beautiful little world.

She's a cutie pie!

Wishing you a pleasant weekend and thank you for your wishes. :)

glenda said...

So innocent, so small, so sweet.
beautiful child!

karena said...

What manners. I love "hello spoon, I'm, Ellie, so nice to meet you." What great parents! I have no kids, so I don't know if manners are taught to children that much anymore.

I have to call my grandmother to get the exact quote of a well-mannered woman she knew that had the longest, but most gracious greeting when she answered the telephone. It was something like, "Hello, my this is Barbara Jean Johnson, wife of Henry James Johnson, Dean of the College of (blank) at the University of (blank).

I think manners are really important! I do admit, I don't always mind 'em.

Tina said...

Diva: I hope you have a good weekend of rest and respite. You need it especially after the last few weeks, but deserve it especially so now that you got such horrible news about your friend. I'm so sorry for your loss... and your lil Beanie is precious as always.

Yoga Korunta said...

Ellie is adorable!

BZ said...

Good to have her back, and oh, by the way, you have been tagged. Go to my site for details.

Dr. Charles said...

so amazing, really, to watch another human being grow.

oldwhitelady said...

What a little cutie. Watching her do the introduction thing must be a lot of fun!

sumo said...

That's some beautiful hair.

Crabbi said...

She's adorable. Hooray for Friday grandbaby blogging! I just love the internets.

DivaJood said...

Robin Andrea, I really have turned into THAT grandmother. Honest to god, I pull her pictures out every chance. A friend of mine in Australia emailed today - he and his wife are expecting their first. We have a breakfast date in Cairns in September (I'm there for a conference) and he said he'd show me the ultrasounds. I said "David, you can do that, but I have tons of baby pictures." We promised we'd bore each other to bits.

Betmo, EVERYONE deserves a break. It was funny, I can plan everyone else's travel, but when it comes to my own, I'm a vegetable. I brought pictures, my cousin and I just hung out and relaxed. I told her all about the cutlery introductions.

Pete, she'll be a politician AND a travel professional. And a Cubs fan.

Pissed off Patricia, she changes all the time! It amazes me.

Glenda, isn't being a grandparent a treat? I love it.

Karena, I'm a big believer in good manners - in that respect I am conservative. And having conversations with spoons, and bowls, and platters is a start. Hell, if the neoconservatives had good manners, we probably would not have invaded Iraq.

Tina, sometimes I feel like I'm missing everything because I'm in LA and she's in Chicago, but that's why we have phones, I guess.

Yoga, thank you! She has a 4 year old suitor in Brisbane.

BZ, my daughter sent that photo about a month ago, so I just used it - I need to track her down and wag my finger at her for depriving me of daily photos. Just kidding.

Dr. Charles, this child is easier than tomatoes, I think.

OWL, when my daughter described it to me, I was crying, both laughter tears, and poignent tears. She's amazing.

Sumo, thank you, she's got a lot of it!

Crabbi, I agree - I also love the Friday relief from too much heaviness in the world.

Helen Wheels said...

I really dig the fact she says "doggie" a lot. How very cute she is.