Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Prudhoe Bay Oilfield

It's August. British Petroleum has announced they're shutting down their oil production from Prudhoe Bay while they repair 70% of corroded pipeline covering a 20 mile stretch. Prudhoe Bay Oilfields supply about 20% of the oil to California refineries. Back in March, after an oil spill, BP was ordered by the US Government to inspect the pipes and they are under Grand Jury investigation over pollution.

Traders in New York's oil market got nervous over the closures, and the cost of crude jumped to almost $77 a barrel. That will affect prices at the pump (love my hybrid). Could the price of gas go over $4 a gallon? Hmmm.

The War in Iraq has now exceeded $300,000,000,000 which is more that I can actually say out loud. The war in Iraq is about control of oil. BP has not said how long the repairs to the pipeline will take, nor when they will re-open.

Timing is everything.


Donnie McDaniel said...


I hope you don't mind, but this post has been targeted for a highlight at The Democratic Daily. I will write it up, and give it some exposure. You can email me and let me know if it is ok.


betmo said...

i heard that they want to get it above $5.00 a gallon. profits, profits, profits!

robin andrea said...

What a great convergence: War for oil and global warming. One way or another we will be dying for oil.

Donnie McDaniel said...


You are up and running on The Democratic Daily.

DivaJood said...

Donnie, thank you - I'm humbled by the link and kind words from you. As I read other people's blogs, I see such strong voices out there, and just hope that we can all make the changes to heal this country.

Betmo, $5? No kidding! Right now, it's still between $3.09 to $3.59 in California.

Robin Andrea, yep. Greed, greed and more greed. And people are being killed for not diapering their goats, or for displaying fruits and vegetables in too suggestive displays. WTF is that about?

NotSoccer Mom said...

just found you via yoga korunta. love this post!

DivaJood said...

Welcome, notsoccer mom. It's scary, what we're up against.

Pete's Blog said...

Its a sad reality that the invasion of Iraq has increased the price of oil, benefitting oil companies immensely - political coincidence? I think not!


DivaJood said...

Pete, it's all about the money, greed, and Halliburton. I'm just saying.

Helen Wheels said...

Congrats on the Dem Daily!

You deserve it. Great post again.

My tank took $36 to fill up. I have a little ol' Nissan Sentra. I'm so damn lucky that I don't have a work commute, and can basically go everywhere I need to on foot (but don't usually).

It used to cost around $22 bucks to fill it when I first got it. Sigh.