Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday Grandbaby Blogging

Hi everybody. I like to climb on things which I am doing right now in this picture and probably at home too because it is really fun. But anyway I am trying the potty out sometimes, and the other day my mommy was making dinner and I had no toys to play with in the kitchen so I went to the bathroom and sat down on my potty chair. My mommy didn't know where I was so she came looking and she started to laugh. So I looked up from my newspaper that I was reading the pictures in and gave her a look like "Don't you knock?" and she laughed even harder. She laughed so hard she forgot to take a picture of me reading the newspaper on my potty but she made me laugh too. Also, my baba said that she's all done with Mr. Barak Obama because he was a sissy with his vote last night waiting til it made no difference and then looking like he was all against that lilylivered bill. So she's voting for Dennis I can't spell his last name but it starts with K. I can't really spell or read anything, because I'm two. But Baba and me we like Dennis K.

Okay I'm done. Bye bye, I have to go play now.


robin andrea said...

Yes, ellie bean, I heard that too, that Barak Obama and Hillary clinton waited to cast their votes. What was that about?

Too bad your mom missed that pic of you on your potty, reading the newspaper. That would have been quite a sight!

Mariamariacuchita said...

We like DK too, ellie.

mirth said...

Oh, I so look forward to Friday Grandbaby Blogging! Ellie Bean, you are a beauty! And a delight!
And I'm with you on the K thing.

Peacechick Mary said...

Potty newspaper reader - that has to be a good sign. Barak showed me that he was all show and no go, so he's out. Dennis K is still hanging in there for me as well.

P.S. have you ever seen a pic of Dennis and is wife? Very interesting combination.

Alicia Morgan said...

Baba - are you sure that Ellie Bean is not your daughter? Or maybe cloned from your DNA? She is the spitting image of you - and her politics are right on, too!

Cheney08 said...

I'd like to add that in addition to Barak Obama being a sissy with his vote last night, I also heard on Fox News that he went to school in a Madrassah and is secretly an Islamic extremist, and not only is he not a member of the NRA, but he has never even owned a gun, and I think that an islamic extremist who has never even owned a gun is hardly qualified to be president.

Donnie McDaniel said...

I still have not chosen just one, but they are making it a lot easier when the time comes for me.

Lulu Maude said...

Yes, it's time to get behind Dennis. How else can we restore any courage to the Democratic party?

DivaJood said...

Robin, I'm going to beg my daughter to recreate the moment, because it's so funny.

Maria, we might even need to think in terms of a whole new party.

Mirth, Ellie Bean says thank you.

Peacechick, it is an odd couple, sort of.

Alicia, she really does look like me, poor child. But my daughter does, and my son does as well. We have very strong family genes.

Dick, he can't be a Muslim extremist, because he lives in Chicago and it is too cold in Chicago to be anything but a Bears fan.

Donny, it's a sad story what has happened to the dems.

Lulu, I just remember Gene McCarthy and George McGovern. Sigh.

sumo said...

I'm considering the third party if I can't get on anyone's bandwagon. Although Mr. K. seems to have genuine integrity I have to admit. Just because he looks like Bilbo Baggins doesn't mean a thing!

Pursey Tuttweiler said...

I love Dennis Kucinich. I want to hear more from Mike Gravel and more from Bill Richardson, but Kucinich has always been the bomb. Unfortunately, Americans on the left feared his ability to get elected based on his looks, the fact that he was single and the fact that he was vegan. However, if they would quit playing politics with the politicians, he could have won. Kerry probably won, the left could have elected an antiwar candidate. I sure hope he gains traction. I think he ought to drag his hot new wife out in public, but he is too honorable to use her as a prop. Still, it would be a good "screw you" to those on both sides who criticized him for being single. And being a vegan demonstrates his ability to stick by his convictions. It is not easy being a vegan. And as far as looks go, there is nothing wrong with his looks. He is a lot cuter than Dick Cheney, that's for sure!