Thursday, May 10, 2007

Paying too much at the pump?

hat tip to Kvatch for raising the question


Peacechick Mary said...

I think it's going to get worse. Do you think maybe the fat cats of the oil industry will be getting a big bonus AGAIN????
We are being robbed.

Coffee Messiah said...

Do you think?

It's as good as done! ; (

DivaJood said...

Peacechick, a bonus? OMG!

Coffee Messiah, a bonus? WTF!

robin andrea said...

I wouldn't mind paying more at the pump, if it were a tax that provided health care, but record profits for these bastards just really pushes my buttons. Great pics, divajood.

Donnie McDaniel said...

I told someone else that the prices are now at post Katrina levels. Now think back at what happened when we got hit down here and the oil industry took a lick. If the prices are already up to the levels we saw after Katrina, imagine what will happen if one comes my way again this year!

With a named storm already formed, I now have to think ahead and keep my car gassed up at all times. I have a 81 year old grandmother to get out of here if one comes. Her and I are the only family members still here in Houma. I was in a rush the other day, and put a quick $20 in the Intrepid. I got half a tank!

DivaJood said...

Robin, I know - and their profits go up and up. They manipulate the market, and laugh all the way to the bank.

Donnie, it's bound to happen, that another big storm will hit the Gulf Coast. And they will use this to manipulate prices. Half a tank for $20 bucks. This sucks.

Anonymous said...

Diva... As always, the mention is mucho appreciado.

I too am a fan of higher prices at the pump. Put it toward health care, wean us off of our petroleum dependency, whatever... We're big whiners when it comes to the cost of fuel.