Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mothers Day

Today, my day began with a phone call from my daughter which was exhausting. A liteny of "who is the matter with her", and I just could not listen to it. It was as follows: "Hi Mom. Happy Mother's Day. Whine whine whine whine me me me me me." I was less than warm and cuddly. In the background, Beanie was playing with her doggie, and laughing. I wanted to listen to Beanie laugh, because SHE is what is right with the world.

Then I did laundry. I don't know about you, but I love the smell of fresh laundry out of the dryer. I have always loved that smell - when I was a girl at overnight camp, we all had to be on "crews" and the one everyone seemed to hate was Laundry - I volunteered, and was on it, three years in a row - I LOVED it. I know, I'm a bit daft.

And then to the Farmer's Market. Today the peaches were coming in - and cherries, and tons of strawberries - yum. Nothing like fresh vegetables and fruits from the local farmers. Almost all organic. Yum.

And then, and then, a little before one, to the Korean Friendship Bell to stand for five minutes in silence for peace.

Today is a perfect Los Angeles day: sun is shining, not too hot, not too cold - clear, except over Catalina Island which is still completely shrouded in smoke from the fire that nearly destroyed Avalon. I stood silently for five minutes, and considered this: if I want Peace, I must be at peace.

Across the globe, at 1 PM local time, women are standing in silence for five minutes, standing for peace. This energy is being put out into the universe, and I believe at core that we will have an effect.

How was your mother's day?


Intrepidflame said...

I know it is simple, but this is the most important lesson we can all learn:

if I want Peace, I must be at peace.

Happy Mother's Day and I could feel your peace from here.

sumo said...

I love the Korean Friendship definitely is peaceful there. I'm just sick about Avalon...I guess they are getting it taken care of now...what a waste of beauty. Happy Mother's Day for what is left of it. Peace to you Diva...

WeezieLou said...

i love the idea and the picture of the Korean Friendship bell. Happy mothers' day.

Peacechick Mary said...

I stood too and I thought of you as well as many others who stand for Peace. We still had smoke in the area from the fires, so I sat in my car until seconds before one, jumped out and went to the standing site. As soon as the 5 minutes were up, we all shot out for our cars and away from the smoke. I guess that means we mean business - Peace!

Pursey Tuttweiler said...

I stood for peace and thought about all of those who need it so much and sent peaceful thoughts to this war torn world. If we women could rule, this shit would end real damned quick.
Peace Diva, and may your daughter find some soon.

Thorne said...

I stood for peace today. I stood in silence, alone. Separate for a few moments from a gathering of diverse mothers who might have stood with me, had I had the strength to shout above the din of their inane babble and ask them to join me.
But my own struggle with my personal peace today while my partner stormed and whined and acted out her PMS in a way that only a butch can do (yikes! It's awful!!), was all I could handle. Then tonight I came to relax and read now that she is bleeding and sleeping (both good!), and the family of moms have all departed, and came to the blogs that I love; this and Mother's Day Proclamation, and was moved to tears and ultimately, peace.

Tina said...

Happy Mother's Day to you Diva! I did devote 5 mins dedicated to peace, except I was standing in the middle of my parents' acre of trees and gardens wearing gardening gloves, a giant sun hat, with BabyGirl at my side (she also donned tiny SpongeBob gardening gloves and a sun hat). She seemed confused at what exactly we were aiming to do, so I told her it was a lot like church: You have to be quiet and concentrate, and you can even pray if you feel like it. She did her best... kneeling beside Grandpa's cherry tree... asking me every 30 seconds if we were done yet because she really, really thought the icecream truck guy might be coming down Grandma's street ANY second... sigh... oh well... we gave it our best shot.

Lulu Maude said...

Nice mother's day here in Vermont--sunny, with a cool breeze. We had Harriet (93) and John (96) over and read poetry at the table, ate pies (quiche and strawberry supreme) and fresh fruit gazpacho.

After they left I planted zinnia seeds and heavenly blue morning glory seeds and put 'em in the cold frame. We're still bobbing in and out of the frost range.

pissed off patricia said...

I didn't stand for peace, but I shared some time with the natural world of my back yard. Can that count? I purchased a new bird bath for my visiting birds, especially the momma birds who enjoy getting away from the nest for a while and fluttering in clean fresh water. Since I'm not a mom and I have no idea where my own mom is, I thought I would share the day with some different moms.

DivaJood said...

Intrepid, thank you. We must be the change we want to see in the world.

Sumo, tourists have been allowed to return to Catalina as of late yesterday afternoon. Amazingly, only one home, a school, and some commerical buildings were burned. It will take a while to clean up the smoke and water damage, but the town was saved. The fire will be contained by tomorrow afternoon.

WeezieLou, and to you.

Peacechick, PLEASE be safe. The fires in Florida and Georgia are insane.

Pursey, I think you're right. Women should be in charge. God knows I would prefer to sit down and discuss a solution rather than send somebody's son or daughter to the front lines.

Thorne, standing alone for peace has its benefits - I did, and felt moved by it.

Tina, I think BabyGirl had the right idea - and 30 seconds in her world is really the equivalent of 5 minutes. (Remember, I have Grandmother credentials.)

Lulu Maude, that sounds gorgeous. I love Vermont.

POP, that counts in my book.

Peace, all y'all.

robin andrea said...

I took my sister out into garden and we cut a little peace bouquet, the first bouquet of spring. It was a lovely moment.