Sunday, August 17, 2008

Another Award, from FranIAm

Kick Ass Blogger Award

Since I'm running for Prez, it's great to have awards. Another of my favorite bloggers has given me this fantastic ass-kicking award. I am in awe of FranIAm, who is about as thoughtful as you can get. So but anyway, blahblahblah Rules. Here they are:

1) Choose five other bloggers that you feel are “Kick Ass Bloggers” (This one is tough, because most of the bloggers I love have already gotten this award.)
2) Let them know that they have received an award.
3) Link back to both the person who awarded you and also to MammaDawg.
4) Visit the Kick Ass Blogger Club HQ to sign Mr. Linky and leave a comment.

To wit:
1) Utah Savage has the most colorful way of expression - part Southern Belle, part take-no-prisoners madwoman, part crazy-like-a-fox, always compelling. I never know what she's going to say, but I really like reading it.

2) I offered to double the Unconventional Conventionist's salary to join my campaign. I think I have to stoop honor him instead with bribes an award.

3) Fran from Ramblings is a real kick-ass blogger. Plus, we're in the same industry. Plus, she's a great read.

4) Dusty (It's my right to be left of center is my goddess. She knows why. She fixes my links at The Sirens Chronicles She is a strong, powerful voice, she is fearless.

5)Naj and I don't always see eye-to-eye. But she is a voice for peace, and I applaud her courage.

I could actually award this to everyone on my blogroll, to tell the truth. Some great writers out there. I love you all!


Dianne said...

congrats part 2!

so many wonderful new people to discover.

Randal Graves said...

I think we'll have to construct a lifelike dummy of Bush and film said dummy in front of a court of us wearing judicial robes at the Hague before UC comes back. Never trust those UFO nuts.

Coffee Messiah said...

I didn't know you were running for Pres or out of the country. ; (

Naj said...

Gasp :D

Oh, meeerciiii :))

But, I think we "do" see eye to eye. We are both blogging for the same cause, for blood shed to stop, for bigotry to stop, for art to get a chance, for laughter to see the light of the day, for women's self-esteem ...

Our only difference is that our country's leaders have locked us in the offensive and the defensive, and depending on the phase of the moon, we adapt to where we feel vulnerable.

I am happy to have you as blog-friend. And I am very honored by the award. Thank you Diva.

an average patriot said...

Congratulations Diva and everyone you especially naj, you all deserve it!

Anonymous said...

It's good PR! Keep it up!

Utah Savage said...

You already had my vote, babe. Thanks for the kind words--they mean more than all the prizes in the world. I'm so glad you gave this award to Naj, too. Her ferocity amazes and inspires me.

DivaJood said...

Dianne, these are all great reads!

Randal, can we DO that? Impersonate the World Court? I'm so ready.

Coffee, it depends upon who wins. If it's McCain, my passport is ready.

Naj, I meant on Israel. But we agree on more than we disagree, and you are a passionate voice. And a friend indeed!

Patriot, they all kick some kind of ass, really!

DCup, as long as they spell the name right, any publicity is good publicity. Or something.

Utah, you are welcome. You do kick some ass!

Pagan Sphinx said...

Congrats,Jood! You are highly deserving of this award. I was going to give you the same award until I came here and, of course, someone else had snagged you first!

I already know Utah and Dusty and much looking forward to checking out the other award winners when I have a chance.


DivaJood said...

Pagan, thank you! There are some amazing writers out on the intertubes.

Dusty said...

Congrats on your honor dear Diva. ;)

Thank you for including me in this fine list of bloggers.

DivaJood said...

Dusty, you are a rock star! I love ya, sista!

Dusty said...

Back atcha Blondie! ;)

Naj said...


I think we might even agree on Israel. We should talk to see where the point of our disagreement is.

In my opinion, Israel's government, like that of Iran, is, and has been, walking a fine line of appearing aggressive, tough and brutal, and at the same time 'democratic.'

Democracy, both in Iran, and in Israel, is in the eye of the beholder. The segregated Arab in Israel doesn't feel the great wonders of Israeli democracy; just like the godless Naj doesn't enjoy the wonders of the Islamic Republic.

The particular Israel/Iran tension, in my view is a fabricated one that doesn't root in historical hatred for one another. Iran supports Hizbollah and etc, yes. But a large part of that is because of Iran's feeling of insecurity.

Iran wishes for anihilation of the zionist "REGIME" and Israel wishes for anihilation of the "Islamic Republic". Israel threatens to pre-empt conventional military strike, Iran threatens to strike back with unconventional defense. Iran is isolated, sanctioned, and punished for just 'saying stuff'. Israel is defended, armed to teeth and all of her disrespect for UN resolutions are swept under the rug.

In the past, Iran and Israel had a common enemy: Arab nationalism. And they effectively curtailed that threat. After the revolution, Iran lost the US support, and thus changed its adaptive survival strategy: with the trojan horse of reaching to the 'heart' of the Arab streets. In this way, it immobilized the mal ntentions of the Arab governments, who happen to be far removed from the heart of the 'Arab street'.

So, Israel's protected by the American terrorism. Iran's protected by the Islamic one. I'd say it's just a balance of power. Just business, nothing personal :)