Sunday, August 31, 2008

It's all about me

Wednesday. I would vote for Bill Clinton again. I really would. My daughter said, after his speech, "He'd make a great Secretary of State." I said, "I think that will go to Bill Richardson." I still love Joe Biden. Doggie got into Beanie's dinner when Beanie had to run to the potty. I had to answer the door, and Doggie snuck into the kitchen and finished Beanie's turkey and crackers. Not good, as Doggie is very allergic to food and has to eat a specific kind of food. This means she'll have the trots by Friday.

Thursday, still getting up to speed with the new company. Lots to re-learn. Must really work on building my business again - so much lost from working at SlavesRUs. Dinner at friends to watch Obama's speech. He rocked the house, no kidding. My friends who were at the convention have been stoked all week.

Friday, got another email from Napoleon. Seems he tried to hack into my checking account to stop payment on my check August 15. He didn't pay me my last two weeks August 30 - and he claims I owe him time. Yes, you read that correctly. He tried to hack into my checking account - without success - and sent me a threatening email "You knew you were leaving, waited until your paycheck cleared then changed or closed your checking account" was the gist of the email. Um, excuse me? I have contacted an attorney.

Saturday, we drove out to about two miles west of where Jesus lost his sandals to visit my brother. Then we came home, and I babysat while my daughter went out. I was completely exhausted, as Doggy woke up about 1 AM, and paced and paced until 4 AM, keeping me up all night. She's not feeling too well since she ate Beanie's food Wednesday night - she's got diahrea from food allergies. I gave the lead at my AA meeting, and everyone made me laugh - I was a little punchy from lack of sleep. I read the draft letter from my attorney, have to think if it needs changing.

Sunday, we took Doggy to the Chicago Emergency Vet Clinic/Hospital on Clybourn. Her bloody diahrea resembled a pint of blood. The good news: she's developed a treatable infection from her food allergy, nearly dehydrated and they've kept her at least until Monday to rehydrate and give IV anti-biotics. Daughter went to the Cubs Game, Beanie and I went to a picnic, and now I want to sleep for a week.

And now you know why I have not been visiting anyone. Oh, that, and the fact that if I sit down to the computer, my daughter insults me. And she just tossed me out of the bathroom while Beanie was taking her bath. Two weeks here is long enough and I'm here for one more. Yikes.


Anonymous said...

You are so busy, it makes me feel a little wiped out.

And with dog diarrhea? Yikes is right.

FranIAm said...

Oh my - so good to hear from you. Sorry that whackass last boss is being a dick.

Keep doing what you are doing, just try to get more sleep along the way.

Xoxoxo Glad you are with the mishpocha, tsuris and all!

And glad doggie is on the mend.

Pagan Sphinx said...

Napolean's an asshole!

Come home soon. I miss your comments!

susan said...

Glad to see you're okay and Doggie's going to be okay. Hopefully, Napoleon will go back to Elba where he belongs. Sounds like the kids are okay too and all will be well in the morning.

Best wishes.

Randal Graves said...

Glad Doggie is better but what the hell. Hope your lawyer is Wellington. What a bloody tool. AND a criminal.

But c'mon Madame Future President, you're the mom, insult her back. Muah.

Utah Savage said...

I can't wait to see what happens with your atty and the boss from slavesRus. I hope you enjoy the new job. And a great nap every day.

robin andrea said...

You do have a lot going on these days, divajood. I don't like what Napoleon intimated in that letter. It sounds like he does direct deposit, and then tried to take it back. Not a good thing.

Take care of yourself, and definitely get some sleep. Being well rested can make a huge difference.

Border Explorer said...

[It says:]
Leave your comment
What do you think?

I think you're wonderful. And stressed to the max.
It is so hard to be in someone else's space (not your own).
I second that "muah."
We're rooting for you, Diva.
(Down with Napoleon, the boss from hell!)

DivaJood said...

DCup, it has been exhausting. And then the Cubs lost today - three in a row. I'm dying here.

FranIAm, he's being more than a dickhead - when he tried to get into my checking account, he's entered into dangerous territory.

Susan, thank you. I miss visiting all my favorite blogs, but I will try to be better this week. Still at my daughter's though, and she thinks I'm obsessive.

Randal, yep, Napoleon has crossed into criminal AND insane behavior. What a tool. As for Doggy, she came home today and is on three different meds. She slept all day long. She is MUCH better.

Utah, the letter is quite powerful - I have to make some amendments to it, but if it doesn't make the guy leave me alone, then we KNOW he's insane. Because he's opened himself up to tons of back tax issues, as well as federal issues around the 401K delinquencies.

Robin, that's exactly right - direct deposit, and then he tried to take it back. His comment to me blew me away, but alerted me to the need to get a lawyer involved. Oops, Napoleon. You lose.

Border, Thank you. Today, I really got into it with my daughter - she can be quite controling when she wants to be. It becomes badgering. I lost my temper. It was NOT pretty.

Mary Ellen said...

Saturday, we drove out to about two miles west of where Jesus lost his sandals to visit my brother.

Where did Jesus lose his sandals? I think I found one in my front yard. Wonder if your brother lives near me?

Liberality said...

Until we get public computers up at the library I am blogging from home on a dial up connection. Sometimes I can't even get blogger to load up comments so I read others blogs but don't say anything. Other times blogger won't let me add the pictures I want to either. Then add to that the general slowness in loading up any page and it's a wonder I'm still blogging at all. Plus hubby has snotty things to say every time I get on the computer. I'm addicted to blogging he says and spend way too much time on it. He's probably right too ;)

Fran said...

Hey Diva~ I would recommend cutting off all communications w the Ex boss. Anything you say or write can be used against you plus you don't want to give him any juice. Cause all the while you can be smiling, thinking-- You're not the boss of me! HA!

Sorry the dog situation turned serious.

Those long family visits can be too long.

Take space... go to one of the world class gardens there or the art institute or something to get out & breathe.

Pace yourself.

Soon you'll be back home missing Beanie!

DivaJood said...

Mary Ellen, he's in Gilberts. NOBODY lives in Gilberts.

Lib, perhaps Hubby has been talking to my daughter who thinks blogging is "chat rooms for adults."

Fran, the letter from the lawyer should put an end to all communication from Napoleon. I've stopped responding to him. I'm done, done and done.