Sunday, May 25, 2008

Fiesta Hermosa

Today began with rain; it's been cold, windy, and just plain weird weather for the Beach Cities of Los Angeles. But, as I do each year on the Sunday over Memorial Day Weekend, I headed down to Fiesta Hermosa with friends. But because it was cold and rainy, I wore my Obama hoodie to keep me warm.

So I stopped at this booth of Island Carvings - the artist, Sami, works in whale bone, fossilized mammoth tusk, whale tooth, jade and cow bone. He's from Oahu, his work is gorgeous, and I wanted to ask him about some designs. Instead, he says "You like Obama?" I said, "Yes I do." He says, "He's a local boy, from Hawaii, grew up near me." I asked if he liked Obama too, and he said "You know I do, he's a good man." He bent my ear about the lack of dignity or decency among other candidates without mentioning names, but he was quite clear in his intent.

Little later, we left the fair, went to lunch at Veggie Grill in El Segundo. And as I went to place my order, the young woman at the register went on and on about how Obama gives her hope, and it is way beyond time for a change, and how could she get a hoodie like mine, and oh, sure, go ahead and order your lunch, you must be hungry, but I love Obama. I left a big tip in the tip jar.

Funny how a little visibility can connect total strangers.


Coffee Messiah said...

If nothing else, it would be nice to be on the road of civility between people of all kinds for a change, rather than the cowboy diplomacy(?) and stupidity of the last 8 yrs! ; (

Dusty said...

I have a black t-shirt with a simple phrase across the chest:

He's NOT my President. -United For Peace and Justice.

I get both types of responses..people screaming at me, calling me a commie or some such nonsense and then the response you got.

I really hate the first response. But I hold my tongue and tell them I support their right to believe what they believe, will they return the favor?

Sometimes that works but sommetimes it doesn't. ;)

Randal Graves said...

You Obamabots are everywhere! ;-)

robin andrea said...

It's been a very long time since I wanted to wear a political button, but just yesterday I said to Roger I wanted to get an Obama button. I hadn't considered a hoodie, what a great idea!

Naj said...


I need your help, if you please:
call for participation: recipes for peace

Everyone welcome; should be fun!

I am hoping to turn it into some form of an actual event; and maybe we can all have an actual re-union somewhere!

DivaJood said...

Coffee, no kidding. Whatever happened to good manners?

Dusty, that's an interesting solution - telling someone that you support their right to disagree. Whatever happened to good manners?

Randal, and I like kool-aide, too.

Robin, I got a bumper sticker, and I got the hoodie. A girl living by the Ocean can never have enough hoodies, and it was so freaking cold yesterday, I was very glad I had it. To say nothing of the responses!

Naj, I've posted at your place, and put up a call to visit you today - this is a great idea, because breaking bread with others is a sure path to peace.