Tuesday, May 06, 2008

It is time for Democrats to unite

In California, it's 9:50 PM. Indiana is still being counted, and Obama has closed the gap with Clinton in that primary. Clinton is out of money, in debt. And as she said in her speech, it is time for Democrats to work together.

She cannot win the nomination at this point. Obama looks to be the Democratic nominee. At this moment, we have a real opportunity to come together in ways the Liberals, Progressives, and Democrats rarely are able to do. The 2008 election is, without doubt, the most important election in recent history. We cannot survive another Republican administration at this time. We cannot, not morally, not financially, not emotionally, not spiritually. But if, as we usually do, we break ranks and argue or sit on our hands because "Obama isn't experienced enough" or "Obama is too elitist" or "Obama is (you fill in the blank)" - then we effectively allow John McCain to walk into the White House.

Republicans fall into lock step when it comes time to vote. We do not. We write in candidates. We vote for fringe candidates. We Stand On Principal just to make a point and then we wind up with all kinds of disasters. When Hubert Humphrey was the Democratic Nominee against Nixon, my brother wrote in Donald Duck. He was not alone in his "protest" vote, and the end result was Richard Nixon. His "gesture" was irresponsible.

We must move forward. And successful politics is very much about forming coalitions and making workable compromises. Compromises are not inherently bad; they are not "selling out." Compromises are about finding a common ground and moving forward. Please, please: let us move forward.


D.K. Raed said...

Hill's 2% win in Indiana is as good as a loss, especially considering the shameful Limbaugh ditto-head factor. Time for her to move on to another strategy. Who knows what she will try next? I'd love to eat my words, but I don't think she's into "healing the party".

ps, my brother has never voted, but loves to complain. however, since he turned into a rabid repub, beginning back in the reagan yrs, I'm just as glad.

betmo said...

if only more repubs felt that way- perhaps we would have a different country :) i have no idea- other than sheer power hunger- why clinton is staying in. she retains her senate seat. it's mind boggling. if this isn't a clear sign to her- along with her donors jumping ship- i don't know what is. we'll see if the rabid clintonistas line up behind obama in the general.

robin andrea said...

Well said, divajood. We Democrats need to take this election in 2008. It's definitely one of the most important ones in my lifetime. I was talking to a cousin last night who had been a Hillary supporter. Interestingly, she called before the election returns were fully in. She said that something had changed her mind yesterday and that she was backing Obama. She was pretty ardently anti-Obama the last time I had talked with her. So, I took that as a vry good sign. As my cousin goes, so goes all the Democrats. I'm hopeful.

Dusty said...

I am registered as Decline to State here in Cali, but do my best to back the Dems.

Hillary would be hard to check the box for..Obama..not near as bad ;p

But I damn sure don't want McCain's scurrilous ass in there.

DivaJood said...

DK, Betmo, Robin, Dusty - someone please explain to me, a NATURAL blonde, why Hillary continues to cling to this dead horse. I mean, really. Give it UP arredy.