Monday, May 26, 2008

Liz Trotter commits a Federal Crime on Fox News

Hat tip to Robert Rouse for this. It was bad enough that Mrs. Clinton, once again, invoked the assassination of Robert Kennedy as a reason for her to continue campaigning. I have not weighed in on this before, because I actually don't want to give Mrs. Clinton the time of day. There are enough people on the "internets" doing just that, and I would rather focus on the positive. However, Mrs. Clinton did not suggest that anything should happent to Mr. Obama.

Not so Liz Trotter. Fox News has repeatedly and deliberately misspoken Barack Obama's last name, calling him Osama more times than I am capable of listing. But in discussing the Clinton debacle with anchor Eric Shawn, Ms. Trotter not only refers to Obama as Osama, she says we should knock off both, if we could.

This is a crime. I mean, an arrestable crime. If someone other than a Fox News person made this suggestion, they would be arrested by the Secret Service and tried. After our nation's sordid history of assassination, the Secret Service takes this threat quite seriously. But this is Fox News. Ms. Trotter has "apologized."

Not good enough. Not good enough at all. Contact the FCC and demand that Ms. Trotter be held accountable:

How to Contact the FCC:

To Contact the Commissioners via E-mail

Chairman Kevin J. Martin:
Commissioner Michael J. Copps:
Commissioner Jonathan S. Adelstein:
Commissioner Deborah Taylor Tate:
Commissioner Robert McDowell:

United States Postal Service First-Class Mail, Express Mail & Priority Mail

Federal Communications Commission
445 12th Street, SW
Washington, DC 20554

United States Secret Service

Do something.


Utah Savage said...

Have I told you lately that I love you? You are so smart and kind and funny. How did I live before you found me or I found you? I appreciate the email addresses to complain about the fox atrocities.

Just one last thing--have you, and older, white woman, feminist, etc, been polled abut who you support in this primary. You and I are Hillary's demographic, and we don't support her. How many millions of us are there out here working to get Barack elected?

And thanks for the good advise on my sickish post today. I am breathing, but as you can see, I wish to read and comment, rather than lie in bed. Use it before you loose it, then crash.

DivaJood said...

Utah, interesting - no, I have not been polled about who I support for President. I am absolutely not certain what that means, other than that I think polls are biased.
Big hugs, sista!

robin andrea said...

I read about the Liz Trotta debacle and was horrified and appalled. It's not ever funny to joke on TV about assassinating a presidential candidate. Fox News has utterly debased what it means to be journalists. They have lowered the standards of news and conversation. They pollute the airwaves with repugnant points of view and unbelievable hatred. It should not be permitted to go on.

Blueberry said...

Fox "news" regularly gets away with stuff that deserves prosecution.

I am also in Hillary's demographic: white, over 50, feminist, low-income -- and yet don't support her. I guess the part of me that doesn't fit in with some of her followers is that I am not "low-information" and racist. Nobody ever polls me either.

D.K. Raed said...

"Both if we could" ... and then she LAUGHED! My blood is boiling. Apology unacceptable! If anyone had said anything like this about, oh say McCain or Bush, on national TV, we would not be seeing them on TV anymore. Thanks, Diva, I will email.

DivaJood said...

Robin, exactly the reasons we must contact the FCC. I mean, the fine Howard Stern $5K per obscene remark, and what she did makes Howard Stern pale in comparison.

Blueberry, same part as me - the pollsters abhor well-read people.

DK, absolutely. Change the name from Obama to someone Republican, and they would be arrested.

DivaJood said...

The Secret Service responded to my complaint:

Thank you for contacting the Secret Service with your concerns. We are aware of
the incident you mentioned and appreciate you taking the time to bringing it to
our attention.

U.S. Secret Service
Office of Government and Public Affairs

Oh, goody. They're aware.

Vigilante said...

"Fox News" is a contradiction in terms, Jood. So is "Republican humor". But Liz Trotta's "Osama-Obama ...both if we could" is still a great find as documentary proof of both malapropisms. I will definitely link this.

Proof that Democratic candidates do well to shun this snarky network for the duration of the campaign. Faux News represents the turgid backwaters of American politics. There are no swing votes to be found in this swamp.

DivaJood said...

Vig, I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for people to actually contact the FCC and the Secret Service about this obscenity that passes as a news commentator. Ms Trotter's comments are at best insulting, and at worst, dangerous. No swing votes indeed!