Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Message from the Secretary of Strawberries

So but gramma has been so busy working for herself that she hardly has time to blog and she thinks she's a meanie because she makes herself work. So but today she isn't going to work much because she has to only drink clear liquids and then she gets drugs tomorrow for a test which people her age hafta get every five to seven years to prevent screens. I'm three.

Gramma's friend, Alicia, she has been writing a book which she's been working on for the past two years, which is almost as old as me but now the book is available and Gramma has a copy of it now. It's about how the Conservative Agenda is bad for America, and what makes people vote against their own best interests. And Gramma is very proud to call Alicia her friend, even though they don't get together very much because Alicia lives about three miles north of where Jesus lost his sandals. And Gramma lives in the port. Not in the port, like she doesn't have a berth and doesn't sit on the water. You should all buy Alicia's book. And then you should vote on November 4th. And Gramma's friend Peggy said that she was not only voting FOR Obama, she was voting AGAINST Sarah Palin. And Peggy is a life-long Republican. Sarah Palin scares her.

Gramma's opponent, Dr. Zaius seems to think Gramma looks good in pink, and that Veeper Nunly should smoke more. Why is Mr. Randal holding that little boy's head? Anyways. Buy Alicia's book and read it.


Randal Graves said...

Bonne chance with the examinations of testing. Pick up some drugs for us, too.

You know, boss, did you really have to post that picture?

Guess I'll have to tell dear Alan to head back to the UK.

Alicia Morgan said...

Jood - thanks so much for the pimpage! I can't believe it's finally here, and a more opportune time I can't imagine. You've been with me from the get-go on this. We will definitely have to find a way to meet in the middle somewhere. Luv ya, miss ya!

Mary Ellen said...

That Habit makes my butt look big.

You do look good in pink, Jood, but the way your holding that pen or whatever it's scary.

Good luck on those tests. I hate doctors, tests and needles. Not in that order. I like meds, though...the ones that make me happy, not the ones that make me drowsy.

DivaJood said...

Randal, I am following the idea of taking what the worst thing they can say about us and just putting it out there. Maybe it doesn't always work so well...

Alicia, always happy to support you! I was actually going to buy it, and here I wind up with an autographed copy!

Mary Ellen, Dr. Z put me on the body of the evil witch from the Harry Potter movie - Delores Umbridge - (played by the brilliant Imelda Staunton). I'd be wearing a bad habit. The tests are nothing, the normal screening - it's the clear liquid diet and the pre-test meds that I hate.

Anonymous said...

I need to get that book!

Anonymous said...

Madam Secretary, please tell your gramma that I hope her tests went well and that she is as healthy as a... non-Republican presidential candidate.

Also inform your gramma how very ruffled over not being invited to the campaign photo op. When I saw you both in Chicago last month she assured me that I would have a bigger role in her campaign. I presumed that to be a part of the photo ops, too.

DivaJood said...

DCup, you do need to get the book!

Spartacus, the photo was created by the evil Dr. Zaius. You have a huge role in my campaign. For one thing, you had to keep the Mets from winning last night. You did well.