Tuesday, September 09, 2008

She's like Phyllis Schlafly, only worse

She's the darling of the "Pro-Family" movement. No, not Sarah Palin, Phyllis Schlafly, mother of six, Karl Rove's godmother. Phyllis Schlafly, the woman Ann Coulter calls "amazing." This is the cloth from which Sarah Palin has been cut.

Which begs the question: what makes these UberConservatives "pro-family" and the rest of us not? I look at people around me, none of whom have traditional family set-ups anymore - children being raised in loving, single-parent homes; mothers who work; gay and lesbian parents raising children - aren't these people pro-family too? I don't hunt, which I guess is positively un-American.

Still. John McCain says this woman will be ready from Day 1. From the looks of things, I guess that's true.


Liberality said...

My hubby says she can't be pro-life if she's out hunting and killing wild life such as moose. We Buddhists don't like that stuff one little bit ;~)

betmo said...

oh snap!!! did you see the stewart clip where his minions were at the rnc asking people what 'small town values' were? well, suffice to say it was (and i paraphrase) white, christian people married to the opposite sex and gossiping about their neighbors. i'll see if i can find the clip and you can see if i am far off :) now granted there's some creative editing on the part of the daily show- but i lived in a small town.

betmo said...


Anonymous said...

I'm sure this was the pic John McCain looked at when he did his... ummm... vetting.

Randal Graves said...

Thanks spartacus, I'm going to use that from now on.

"What are you doing in there?"
"I'm vetting the candidate!"

I think if we throw Republican speak in the Translate-O-Meter, pro-family=Leave It To Beaver.

Dean Wormer said...

It's simply the difference between accepting the world as it is or trying to make the world something different because it doesn't conform with how you imagined it was.

Fran said...

Palin looks like a Hooker in this picture.
Can you hike that skirt up a little more honey?

We all know just how practical those 4 inch spike high heels are in the Alaskan terrain.

Anonymous said...

Well, from everything I've read the last couple of days about Palin and McCain, when they say pro-family what they really mean is this:

Pro (enrich my family at the expense of taxpayers AND protect my family using government agencies to lie for me) MY family. Fuck all those other families.