Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tic-tac, no trade-backs

this non-political break courtesy Utah Savage, (I love you, Utah).

1. Where was I ten years ago?
In 1998, I still lived in Chicago, had just completed my second Twin Cities to Chicago AIDS Ride (500 miles from Minneapolis to Chicago on a bicycle), was a featured speaker at a forum for the Travel Trade in Brisbane, Australia at a program called "Unzipped: Unleashing the Potential of the North American Market." I talked about the "distribution chain" and how fractured it had become. And I also spoke at the Chicago International Outdoor and Adventure Travel Expo to a Travel Agent Forum. It was a great year.

2. What was on my ToDo list today?
Get dressed. Go to the San Pedro Court House to pay a small fee for a correction on my vehicle sticker. Get dressed. Oh, did I mention? Get out of my p.j.s and get dressed. And finish a quote for a group.

3. And my favorite number. What would I do if I were a billionaire? Oh, oh, I would do so much. I would fund sustainable tourism. I would fund a grant for women entrepeneurs. I would travel more (and I travel a lot.) I would move out of Los Angeles to a more rural location and grow all my vegetables and fruit. I would have a second home in Chicago. I would paint and write.

4. Five places I've lived.
Kfar Blum, a kibbutz in Israel
Glencoe, Illinois
Evanston, Illinois
Chicago, Illinois
San Pedro, California

5. Bad Habits.
Are you kidding me? I hate to clean house. I'm lazy. I eat way too much bad food. I'm judgmental, opinionated, and arrogant. I spend more than I earn. Blah blah blah blah blah.

Now the fun part: pick five others to play too.

1. Blueberry
2. Maria*Maria
3. Dianne
4. Randal
5. Border Explorer


Randal Graves said...

I would fund sustainable tourism.

This makes me more happy than you can imagine. All the people that CAN see the world see the interiors of boardrooms and casinos. Bah.

Unzipped? I always knew those Aussies were perverts. Or maybe that's me.

You stole my bad habits list. Now get dressed. You can't stay in your PJs all day.

Utah Savage said...

I though for once I might beat Randal somewhere, and get here first, but no! It's probably because I'm still wearing my jammies and it's late enough for that gigantic prick (and I mean that in the most literal way)David Gregory to be insinuating insulting things about Democrats.

Nice Job Diva! I was incredibly selfish with my billions. I think it's because I thing I won't be alive long enough to plow through enough to make a dent in it--than I pass it on to others who may endow good works. My focus is lazar like on my own navel.

Also, If I had a list, ever, I would put get dressed on it. One can never assume that getting dressed is to be taken for granted.

Mariamariacuchita said...

I would get in line to be a traveling grantee under your generous plan.

Thanks for the tag, it's up.

Anonymous said...

Hey - I've been to three of the places you've lived!

Ah - financial independence to write and paint and grow your own food. Wouldn't that be lovely?

Border Explorer said...

Great meme, Diva.

[whining in Sarah-Palin-voice]: Why do I havta go after you?

And Utah.

And Randal.

and there are more. I haven't read Maria's yet...(but I'll get there)--the sites of the people with talent!


DivaJood said...

Randal, and now you understand why I specialize in Australia...

Utah, Randal is just so perky and fast. It's because he's a librarian or something or lives in Cleeevland.

Maria, I need to be a billionare first, right?

DCup, which three? And financial independence with my slippers on is amazingly important.

Border, well, you do, is all. So, chop chop.

Anonymous said...

Glencoe, Evanston and Chicago. We have a nephew who lives in Israel and sadly I've spent little time in California.

DivaJood said...

DCup, that is too funny - we might have crossed paths along the road. I love it.

Stella said...

I'm with ya, divajood. God didn't put us on this earth to do housework. Opinionated and arrogant are synonyms for "smart."

San Pedro? Really?

DivaJood said...

Yes, Stella, really. San Pedro. It's the best kept secret in Los Angeles.

Stella said...

Absolutely right, and I'm a native Angeleno...

Anonymous said...

Diva...just remember, if you ever get a hold of that billion dollars, I want to be one of the sustainable.