Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Musical Interlude

Randal has asked for another salary increase. He's also demanded that I do some work, to prove why I should be President, by listing my 25 favorite tunes on my iPod (I don't have an MP3) and then picking five other people to name that tune as well.

First: I am tone deaf. So asking me anything musical is dangerous at best.
Second: There are tunes I love, but I can't recall the name, or the name of the artist. Hey. I'm a Boomer. I survived the 1960s but killed a few brain cells along the way. Drugs were plentiful.
Third: oh, bugger. I can't think of a 3rd, so here goes. Randal, you are a cruel man. But for threatening me, I quadruple your salary.

The top 25 for me, in no particular order:

1. "More Love" The Dixie Chicks
2. "I Shall Be Released" Bob Dylan
3. "Forever Young" Bob Dylan
4. "Disorder in the House" Warren Zevon
5. "Impossible Mission" Patty Griffin
6. "Baby's Got Sauce" G. Love & Special Sauce
7. "Bamboled" Gipsy Kings
8. "The Very Thought of You" Nat "King" Cole
9. "God Only Knows" The Beach Boys
10. "Hallelujah" John Cale
11. "Old 55" Tom Waits
12. "All Along The Watchtower" Jimi Hendrix
13. "Lively Up Yourself" Bob Marley
14. "Talk To Me of Mendocino" Anna and Kate McGarrigle
15. "Ain't No Way" Aretha Franklin
16. "Dear Mr. President" Pink
17. "Gone Going" Black Eyed Peas
18. "Hello In There" John Prine
19. "The Maker" Daniel Lanois
20. "California" Joni Mitchell
21. "Hurt" Johnny Cash
22. "Southern Rain" Cowboy Junkies
23. "Dome epais - duet from Lakme" Lesley Garrett
24. "Mercy" Duffy
25. "Smiling Underneath" Ani DiFranco

Oh.My.God. I have about 200 things on my iPod. This is insane.

So, here's the deal: Now five OTHER people have to fess up:

1. Veep Mary Ellen
2. Frederick, you can't get out of this so easily.
3. Chief Justice of the Supremes, Utah Savage
4. Okjimm because he lives in the same state as the Bodeans.
5. DK Raed


Mary Ellen said...

Thanks! I better get cracking, I still have another meme to work on. You're killing my slacker lifestyle, kiddo.

Utah Savage said...

I'm becoming something of a socialite. Partying to hardy to work. And now I'm clean and headed to the Cardiologist specializing in hear rhythm. Apropos, no?

But I be there or be square with the tunes. I have no Ipod, no MP3. You kids and you gadgets. I guess just saying that makes me square. You'll be getting some highbrow jazz, and therefore, square tunes

Thanks you for thinking of me dear. I'v missed visiting. But for now I'm just too damn popular. Maybe friends want another gander at my big back yard while planning where to pitch their tents in the coming crash and the need for a gated Hooverville.

Randal Graves said...

Four times zero is, like, a lot of money. I feel like the CEO of AIG.

How come when I make demands of my wife she gives me a dirty look and makes me sleep on the couch?

Oh, dump the Hendrix. I don't think you'll be hearing anymore from that guy. Muah.

thailandchani said...

I do not own an IPod, either. Interesting list of songs.. but I'm not too much of a music fan anyway. :)


okjimm said...

I don't own an Ipod or a M#PZ, whatever. But I am on this.

robin andrea said...

Interesting eclectic mix there. Some music and bands I've never heard of. I like that.

Bubs said...

You've got some great tunes in there. I got to love any list that has John Cale, Tom Waits and Johnny Cash.

Liquid said...

I LOVE your selections!
Gotta go and check a few of them out.:)

Mathman6293 said...

You definitely have an interesting list.

Fran said...

Whew! Glad I was not picked to make up a list, thanks for letting me off the hook.
I like your tune selection Chica.

D.K. Raed said...

yummm, tasty! I thought I'd be off the hook since I don't do Ipods or MP3's or anything else where I have to put things in my ears or near my temples ... for reasons too painful to relate. I'll get on this after I figure out my WaMu delimma this week! aaaahhh now, "Hurt" Johnny Cash ... I cannot even think of that without crying!

DivaJood said...

Mary Ellen, I'm sorry to make you do some work. But if Randal makes me do it, then you have to do it too.

Utah, you and the cardiologist got rhythm, you and the cardiologist got music, you and the ...

Randal, we'll avert that banking crisis at this rate. Did something happen to Jimi Hendrix? Like, did he die of an overdose or something? (Slapping forehead) Shit. Where was I?

Thailandchani, I'm bloody tone deaf, but it doesn't stop me from singing in the car.

Okjimm, I knew I could count on you. Have a beer, a few pretzels, some cheese curds. You can do it.

Robin, everything new, I owe to my daughter. She's my music source.

Bubs, I so adored Johnny Cash - that man could make me feel any song he sang.

Liquid, thanks. You have to tell me how to get that playlist thing to work.

Mathman, and I left off all my favorite Chicago bands. (Bands from Chicago.)

Fran, you will not get off so easily, I am sure. Someone is going to slap you with this meme.

DK, I thought that I'd make you work now that you are post vacation.

Stella said...

Jood, may I suggest "Let's Impeach the President" or "The Restless Consumer" by Neil Young?

Dean Wormer said...

That Pink song chokes me up. Great list.

DivaJood said...

Stella, you could play and put up your own list - I like all of Neil Young, though.

Dean Wormer, thanks. I have a lot of tunes, those were just the most recent.

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.