Wednesday, June 14, 2006

An Inconvenient Truth

I saw An Inconvenient Truth this evening. Run, don't walk, to see this essential film. Gore delivers the message clearly, so if you have concerns that it will not be understandable, forget it. This is a global crisis, and what is astounding to me is that in the course of Gore's presentation, he shows how we can actually reverse this crisis IF WE ACT NOW. Each one of us can have an impact. Each individual can have an impact.

Toward the end of the film, Gore says "Political will is a renewable resource." We have a voice. He shows how this administration willfully ignores the crisis; how it won't sign the Kyoto agreement; and then he lists the States and cities in the US that are adapting the standards of the Kyoto agreement.

Little things make a difference: Recycle. Buy energy efficient light bulbs. Buy energy efficient appliances. Make your home weather-ready with proper insulation. If you can, buy a Hybrid or Electric car, or one that runs on alternative energy to oil. If you can, walk to work, or ride a bicycle. The list of small things is endless. And it can make a difference.

The message in this film is one of hope through action. It is essential viewing. Don't wait. Visit the site to learn more.


robin andrea said...

The movie starts in our small town on Friday. First showing is at 2:15. We plan to be there. Maybe we should ride our electric bikes to the theater. That really would be the perfect way to get there. Thanks for the idea!

Helen Wheels said...

Funny, the naysayers claimed his message wasn't hopeful at all. Shows you how perceptions vary :)

DivaJood said...

Robin Andrea, you have electric bikes? I'm so there! That would be way more fun than a car any day. It's a great film.

Helen Wheels, have you seen it yet? Gore absolutely convinces me that IF WE ACT NOW, we can reverse damage over the course of three to four years. If we fail to act, it will be irreversible within the decade.

Helen Wheels said...

I finally saw it! It's magnificent! I may see it again Saturday at the ArcLight because Al himself will be doing Q&A... I'll keep you posted.

Now I'm trying to figure out why the naysayers kept saying it was a hopeless film... they mustn't have stuck around for the entire thing. I keep seeing rightwing whacko bloggers judge it & blog on it WITHOUT actually seeing it. GAWD.

DivaJood said...

helen, do you mean especial ed? He's a naysayer. this film is FAR from hopeless. But it does require tough action, and right away.