Thursday, June 22, 2006

Kommandos project

Those of you who missed the first round of a grassroots protest - come on, you know you love to exercise your first amendment rights - generated by Kvatch at Blognonymous can get in on a second round of the action slated for Independence Day. It's really quite simple.

Step 1 -Get yourself a bag of plastic green army men (as to why there are no women in these stashes is a whole other issue).

Step 2 - Get some tape and paste a political message to an appendage.

Step 3 - Deploy your troops in conspicuous locations for others to view or move to new locations.

Step 4 - Log your grassroots political action over at the Kommandos Project blog location.

The more participating Kommanders we have, the stronger the message.

Blog on all, and may the victory go to the glorious.

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